Pearly Mae

Pearly Mae

Pearly Mae here!  I want to share with everyone I crossed the rainbow bridge early this morning.  Please do not be sad.  Even though my adventure with Lone Star Bulldog rescue has been short for me is was a world wind blessing.  My foster Dad is big on saying things happen for reason and always make a difference.  I believe both of these happened when LSBCR came into my life and brought me to Texas with all of us.  Who would have ever thought a team of people would step up and figure out how to get me away from a bad situation where my owner just wanted me to be put down several states away!  I felt so special with all they did!  

Then I got to meet Dr Larsen’s Team at Bright Star Vet Clinic and  “WOW” was I treated wonderful.  Throughout all my surgeries I was loved like family and that was so special for me!  Then my Foster parents came into my life and for almost 4 1/2 months we were “Family”!  Thanksgiving and Christmas with all of the relatives showed me what life is supposed to be and I loved every minute of it.  

With all of this I slowly also shared my Pearlyisms!  I shared with all my version of playtime and even impressed my Foster Dad with my 10ft zoomies!!!  May not have been long but so impressive!!!!  I also shared with all that when we go for car rides it was complimentary ear cleaning!  My fur sister and brothers really rocked when came to feeding time and even though I never learned to shake paws  I could say Grace and do the Happy Dance all at the same time!  I always felt and was told I was a “Star” who made everyones life brighter!  Foster Dad always said our 0400 morning hugs, love, and playtime was soooo special that he woke up looking forward to each day as it was “our” time before everyone else was moving!    He even let me discover his favorite chair and take it over.  My Foster parents said everyone I came in contact could not help but be happy as I had the most beautiful smile for all!  My Foster Dad shared that I made him think of their first Bulldog  Sadie so once I get all settle with Saint Pete I am going to look her up and I know Foster Dad will find us when the time is right!  Prayers and blessing for all and please understand not just in my life but in all of the lives like mine you make a difference!!!

I am not going to lie… I was scared to death. My family had loaded me up and taken me to the vet. They then told the staff they wanted me put to sleep.  

I was numb, sitting there trying to think if I had done anything wrong and why my life didn’t matter anymore. Even the vet at the clinic was shocked. He said, “No way. She doesn’t deserve to die,” and then he asked my family to surrender me to the clinic. And that is just what happened.  

My family didn’t want me anymore, but because Dr. Brett Lee stood up for me, I didn’t have to die that day. Dr. Lee knew that a beautiful Bulldog like me needed to be with a Bulldog rescue so I could find a perfect home. 

Dr. Lee reached out to a rescuer named Brandi and asked her for some help. Before I knew it, Brandi was at the clinic to welcome me with a big ol’ hug and kiss. Lucky for me, Brandi follows Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and she knew just who to call to help me. 

Brandi took me home with her and it was great. She has two Bulldogs and about 15 rescues who also are looking for homes. I knew that Brandi’s home was just a resting place for me and I heard her talking about a transport. Brandi said she could drive a few hours, then I would hop out and hop in Leslie’s truck and she would drive a few hours and then Leslie would meet someone else and they would finish the drive with me.  

I tell you it was heaven. I sat and looked out the back window on a new bed. I was wearing a new harness and I had a sack of snacks and treats. And you know what? Not one time did I feel sad. I realized that just because I was of no value to one family, I could still be valuable to someone else. 

One of my transport drivers, Leslie, was a basket case… but in a good way! Leslie was holding me so tight, I could hardly breathe. Leslie was supposed to be telling me I was going to be alright and I ended up telling her she was going to be alright. She was still standing in the parking lot waving at me as I drove out of sight!  

Well, folks that is all for now. I just want you to know how grateful I am for the angels who helped me get here. Dr. Lee, Leslie and Brandi, thank you. My life is forever changed because you cared enough to help me. I will never forget the kindness y’all showed me along the way. 

8/24/21 Update:  Pearly Mae has an elongated palate which makes it hard for her to breathe when she exerts herself. Even a walk for a few minutes in the yard can affect her breathing quite dramatically. All her life she has had to self-regulate her activity. She has learned not to push herself beyond that threshold. But Tuesday she will have life-changing surgery and her quality of life should be significantly improved. She will soon be able to do all kinds of new activities without worrying about breathing! 

She also has a bad limp in a back leg. Our orthopedic vet will be looking at that as well to see if something can be done to improve her mobility.

11/12/21 Update:  Her surgery included 4 teeth being removed, a breast cancer lump removed, her tail being removed, and an anal pollop taken out.  She has been a great patient and her attitude is always good.  I believe she has finally started to come out of her shell as we are learning how to play.

Our schedule is up at 0400 I get coffee and everyone goes out to potty.  Then she likes to cuddle with me for about 10 minutes while I play with the other three.  She will then play with a rubber pull toy or a glow in the dark small ball for a little while. I usually start prepping their breakfast around 5 or so.  We do dinner around 5:30 at night.

Since she got her stitches out last week she now will walk with me to the barn and back for a total of about a 1/4 mile.  We have discovered she does not like horses too much as she will bark at them and get close to the fence.  We have also learned she likes chasing golf balls for a short distance on the barn floor. 

She is a sweetheart and always maintains a great demeanor.  She has even started letting me pick her up and hold her without going through a slow ritual to let her know I am not going to hurt her.  Did learn also she does not liked to be messed with when eating.  Food for thought.  She has been great with my grandkids ages 3-7.  Lots of kisses and wiggles. She still has the issues with her ACL and hips but does pretty good just will not walk too far without a lot of rest.  Lastly she has worms again and waiting on direction from Doc Larsen as I notified Heather today.

1/3/22 Update:  It’s been a great, but hectic holiday season for me and my foster family. 

We had multiple visits from relatives, including 10 adults and eight hobbits (aka grandkids) on Christmas Day. We all had a great time and I was the shinning star, showing off how good of a girl I am with everyone. We had a Pug , Stanley, stay for a week and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!

I also showed off some of my unique skills, as I assisted my foster dad with Christmas decorations. For New Year’s Day, my foster family peeps and I sure enjoyed our siesta time once everyone headed home.  

I want to say thank you to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and our donors for the great Christmas presents! Wishing everyone a happy New Year and for me? A forever home!