Phoenix (now Peanut)

Phoenix (now Peanut)

We are so sorry to announce the loss of a very special girl to us all. Peanut has suddenly crossed the Rainbow Bridge. A couple months back she started having bad, bad seizures.  Her mom was working with her vet very closely to finding the right dose of meds. They found it, but then she got pancreatitis. She just couldn’t recover and she was just worn out. She died with her mom at home and being loved on. We remember them all in our thoughts and prayers.

The day baby Phoenix has been waiting for finally came today. She has her forever family!  Phoenix had her toys, bed, blankets and her coat and pj’s packed.  She also had some early gifts from Santa to take with her. At only 10 months old, Phoenix still has a lot to learn and many years in her happy home. Her forever Mom and Dad are up to the task of helping this little girl grow into adulthood. Phoenix will have a fur sister Gypsy to play with too. Phoenix could not have found a more perfect dog savvy family.  Thank you Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and Dr. Larsen who saved this girl’s life.

Please welcome our newest addition, and she is NEW! At just 3 weeks old and a whopping 2 pounds, meet Phoenix. She was surrendered to rescue soon after birth because her rear legs were inverted. That’s actually not all that uncommon in the breed and the legs often correct themselves, as seen here with this sweet babe.

Many thanks to Dr. Larsen and her staff who have dedicated around-the-clock care to Phoenix since her arrival. Please keep her and team in your thoughts so this baby will continue to thrive!

Phoenix Video

8/6/18 Update:  Phoenix is taking a little rest after breakfast. At six months old, Phoenix is learning the routine and rules of being in a home. She is a live wire, but winds down with naps in her crate. Phoenix loves toys and sometimes is not so good about sharing her toys with her foster sister. Lots of time and attention are a requirement for this active little girl.

8/28/18 Update”  Foster girl Phoenix loves her little splash pool especially when she has a playmate. Phoenix is a high-energy girl who is learning proper, ladylike manners. She still has a way to go since she is still a puppy… just like an active toddler but with fur. Don’t let that innocent face fool you. Phoenix wants to be the boss of everyone.

10/1/18 Update:  Foster girl Phoenix really gets wrapped up in her toys.  Unfortunately, she destroyed this snake.  Phoenix is all about her toys and likes to have someone toss her toys around for her.  Phoenix is still in puppyhood so toys are essential.  Phoenix knows where to do her business but needs to be taken outside regularly and likes a rewarding treat.  Phoenix naps and sleeps in her crate.  She is working hard to sleep all night.  Phoenix is high energy and loves a game of toss outside.  She is strong for her size and needs a firm hand.  She is working on not jumping as a greeting and a way of getting attention.  Phoenix likes other dogs though her siblings are older and not a big fan of being bothered by a puppy.  Phoenix will be a great dog and companion but does require time and patience.

10/16/18 Update:  Foster girl Phoenix spent the window of sunshine this weekend helping foster dad work on the pool. Phoenix has discovered scissor tails and would love to catch one of these birds. Phoenix is settling down somewhat, but still likes her wee hour potty breaks, which she would love to turn into play time. She loves her toys very much and is definitely the dominant one among the fur kids.

11/7/18 Update:  Foster girl Phoenix is happy to see the sunshine after so many rainy days.  She is wondering when she will find her forever home.  Phoenix gets along with all creatures but she can be a bit exuberant at times.  She is working hard to contain her excitement but sometimes she cannot help her puppy behavior.  Phoenix loves playtime best but retreats to the safety of her crate when she is ready for a nap.  She needs an active family that can help her perfect her manners.

12/1/18 Update:  Phoenix is trying hard to get in the Christmas spirit, but being still is so hard. She would much rather play than pose for a Christmas picture. Santa said maybe someone will grant her wish and love her forever. She is working hard to be on Santa’s nice list.