Piper Lee Ann

Piper Lee Ann

I never, ever, thought that I would be writing this, but here goes.  We lost Piper Lee Ann this week.  Everything was going so well, she had been in foster care with my son Chad who fell head over heals in love with her.  There was so much to love.  She was the sweetest, gentlest little girl.  She would do anything for you.  She loved her cuddles and oh so loved her popcorn time with Chad. She was adopted and got into trouble with heat exhaustion.  When she went to the emergency room her temp was 107 and she could not be saved.   Bully moms and dads, keep your babies cool, know the signs of heat exhaustion, anxiety and what to do for them.  If you don’t know,  ask Dr. Larson for instruction.  Make sure you watch their exercise and play time closely.  Heat can be and is deadly to bulldogs.  We only had Piper such a short time but she definitely moved into our hearts completely, everyone please hug their dogs for us and tell them how much they are loved.

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the music! Go ahead and sing it loud and proud… you know you want to!
I chose to hop on the rescue wagon yesterday because it was July 4th and all of America was celebrating. And they were all celebrating me! There were fireworks and homemade ice cream. I already had my beads and my hair bows…. I was ready to roll.
My name is Piper Lee Ann, and I am 5 years old. No sad stories for me. I’m just ready to retire on someone’s sofa and watch TV. There were some tears when I was packing up my things, but I had planned on moving for a while. I just kept putting it off until I decided the time was right. And July 4th seemed like a great time to go.
I have always been “fluffy,” just in case you thought I had let myself go. I am just “big boned.” Look it up. “Big boned” is a Bulldog with big bones, not fat …. just fat bones. I am not making this up. Last time I saw the vet, he said, “Wow, Piper. Look at those big bones!” Nothing is worse than people commenting on social media about how someone looks.
A while back, I had a baby. That’s right: one baby. I thought I was having a whole basket full, but nope, just one. Right then and there, I was done with babies. Way too much preparation and buying things for just one!
Well, that’s enough about me for now. Now is the time to get back to celebrating and dancing to the music!
8/24/21 Update:  I went to see Dr. Larsen and she said that I should go on a diet!Can you believe that? Well, I showed her. I exercised and huffed and puffed and now I’m down 5 lbs!  See how beautiful I am?


I love my new life. I do not have to have any more babies. That was my old job. My new job is to look beautiful, take naps and cuddle with my foster dad and mom. I also have to play with my fur sister (she snores a lot) and I really love my skin sister too. They all love me to bits!  

I think that it’s time to move on, though, to my forever home. Are you ready to walk with me? And play with me, and hug and kiss me?  That is the kind of forever home that I really want and need.  

Approved applicants are being considered for me now, so I won’t last long.