Please keep Posey’s family in your thoughts and prayers. She earned her angel wings.

From her furever mom: Posey was called the dancing Bulldog. She was one of the Fort Worth Five (five Bulldogs who came to rescue from a backyard breeder) back in December 2008. It was like Christmas everyday after adopting her in April 2009 and she moved to Austin, Texas to live. She would dance around in circles because she did not have a tail to wag. She made it to 2018 at the age of 13 and beat many of the Bulldog statistics, along with a laundry list of daily medications. She was worth every penny and every minute I spent with her was pure joy and therapy. She was my big girl who was a big sweet Bully baby who filled our hearts. Her favorites were Popeye’s chicken, as a special treat eating with Jay and rice with chicken. All the vets couldn’t believe Posey lived this long. The Rainbow Bridge was waiting for her today, as she was a fighter, staying around for love and defying the odds. We loved you deeply. We will miss all your Bully sounds… it is too quiet now. Go dance and chase cats in heaven. RIP “Popo” 2-1-2018

Posey is one of the three girls that came into our program with the Fort Worth Five. If we had named her based on her initial appearance, we probably would have chosen the name “Skin” or “Bones.” Instead, we saw past her outside, skinny appearance and named her Posey, as we knew with enough love and care, she would be able to blossom and bring cheer to those around her. And that is exactly what she’s already doing in her foster home.

Posey is a loving girl who is perfectly happy spending time at your feet or snuggled and snoring in a soft dog bed. We thought she may not get along with other girl dogs, but in her foster home, she has settled into the pack of boys and girls quite nicely. She doesn’t seem too interested in toys ~ probably because she was never given any in her life. She does, however, enjoy chewing on a Nylabone every so often.

One of Posey’s best attributes is her ability to dance. If there was a “Dancing with the Bulldogs” show, she absolutely would be the winner. When her foster parents come home from work, she wiggles. She shakes. She twists… just like Chubby Checker on the dance floor. We’re not sure if dogs can truly smile, but we swear, when she’s dancing, you can see her grinning. And if you give her a cookie? Watch out! You’ll have the happiest dog you’ve ever seen!

Posey is currently recovering from having some minor dental work and having her tail amputated due to its inversion. Once she’s feeling a bit better, she’ll be spayed and have surgery for entropion, a relatively common condition among Bullies in which the lower eyelid rolls inward.

Once her recuperation is complete, Posey will be ready to join her forever family for an adoption fee of $500 which includes spay, vaccinations and heartworm preventative.  She has already raised her right paw and promised, “I swear to be the best family member ever. I will not talk back, I will obey my curfew and I will give you as much love as possible. Bulldog’s honor.”