Please keep Roscoe’s family in your thoughts. He earned his angel wings. His momma writes: It is with a completely shattered heart that I am writing to let everyone know we said goodbye to our Roscoe today. Roscoe came into our home as a foster just over 2 years ago. He was estimated to be at least 9 when he entered rescue, so we guessed him to be 11 or 12. I will never understand why someone would surrender him because to us he was perfect, but I am thankful that they did because he needed us and we needed him. He was a bit quirky, loved to talk and demand things from us and you could tell he loved us deeply. He wanted to be with us wherever we were and we loved him unconditionally. We officially adopted him last October, but he was ours, especially mine, the 1st day he came to us. In September, he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. We knew his time was limited and that he was a senior, but we wanted to do everything we could for him. This meant many visits to the vet and lots of different meds. He stopped eating regular dog food about 4 months ago and I started making him boiled chicken and rice. Last month, he decided he would only eat if I hand or spoon fed him whatever he decided he wanted to eat that day. We discovered hamburger patties, rotisserie chicken, whatever meat we were grilling, many types of treats, scrambled eggs, a variety of cheeses, ice cream and oatmeal cream pies. Hand feeding him became our special time and I am missing it so much tonight that it hurts. He had been having a rough few weeks and today, we knew it became to much for him and he needed our help to go to the Rainbow Bridge. He was so special and we had such a bond. I will forever miss him and my life will never be the same without him. A big piece of my heart is lying at the Bridge, but I know he is at peace and resting comfortably.

Welcome good looking Roscoe to rescue. His mom adopted him from a local shelter over a year ago. Now she is going through several issues and a rough time personally. So she turned to us to find Roscoe the perfect home where they could afford to provide the proper care he deserves. He appears to be very healthy and looks and acts much younger than his age. He will have a short stay the vet for a checkup and shots and will be off to his foster home waiting for you to adopt him!

6/20/16 Update:  Poor Roscoe cannot catch a break. His exam at the vet showed several issues. He has a bad case of hookworms and infections in both ears. He also has dry eye. All of these conditions are now being treated and he should feel better in no time. It was also discovered that he has a heart murmur, but it not bad enough to require and medication. His hind legs are pretty stiff and there is some popping and grinding in his knees. This will require a more detailed evaluation when we get the other conditions under control.

Maybe Roscoe did catch a break! He found his way to LSBCR where all these issues are being cared for.

7/1/16 Update:  Roscoe has finished his time at the vet and gone to a wonderful foster home where he will be showered with affection by his new skin and fur families. He will have plenty of playmates to train him and help him prepare for his forever home.

7/31/16 Update:  This sweet, big, old boy is just a joy to be around. He is absolutely the most laid-back dog I have ever seen. He gets along great with everyone and everything he meets. He gives a quick sniff and then goes back to resume his nap. He has the best temperament and is very submissive. He is not a huge fan of grooming and of his daily eye drops, but he will let you do it. As easy going and laid back as he is, he can be a little demanding. He will let you know when it is time to eat, drink or go outside. He will bark and “growl” talk until you meet he needs. It can be annoying at times, but we think it’s kind of cute and makes him who he is with his little personality. Once his needs have been satisfied, he is happy to follow you around room-to-room and take his place at your feet or on the nearest dog bed. He does not get on the furniture or in your lap. When we have picked him up to see if he would enjoy it, we can tell he gets nervous so we just let him lie where ever he would like. He is an easy foster that just wants to be loved. With such a cute face and sweet personality, how could you not love him?

8/28/16 Update:  Rosco has had a good couple of weeks with little change.  He has his routine that consist of sleeping, eating, going potty and getting a little bit of petting and loving from time to time.  He has zero interest in playing, running or jumping up on you or the furniture.  He has the absolute best temperament and is the most laid back and chill dude you will ever meet. Literally nothing bothers or upsets him unless you are late serving his diner or his water bowl is empty.  Don’t worry though, he will let you know if and when either of these things happen.  Due to his age, he does have a little arthritis but he has some new meds that help ease his discomfort.  Rosco is an easy foster and an extremely easy Bulldog to love.

10/17/16 Update:  Roscoe has had another great week in rescue.  He is just the most laid back and easy going guy you will ever meet.  He is loving this cooler weather and getting to spend a few minutes laying in the sun on the porch in the mornings.  The majority of his day is spent napping at the feet of foster mom or foster dad when he gets to work from home.  He doesn’t really care what is going on around him as long as he has a soft place to lay his head.  As you can see from the picture  a baby stuffed animal makes a great pillow for him!