Rescue sometimes calls for extremely difficult decisions. Today we made such a decision for Rusty. Most of the time he was simply perfect. Then there were times something snapped and he was totally out of control. He would start jumping up and his mouth became a buzzsaw and he latched on to anything he could. He has bitten and ripped my clothes and skin more times than I can count. And I am for from the only one to experience these spells.

A trip to the neurologist and multiple medications did not help. We all decided he was unadaptable and a danger to those around him. So the committee made the decision to help him find the calm and comfort he needed. With lots of hugs and kisses this afternoon we helped him cross the Rainbow Bridge. 

It was far from my first time for this, but it was by far the hardest. I loved Rusty with all my heart and it hurt so much to say goodbye. But it also hurt to watch him lose control and do things to harm people that I knew he did not want to do. He is now free from all that and at rest.

Rest in peace, sweet buddy!

Rusty’s adoption did not work out as well as he hoped. He just could not keep from chasing the cats. It was driving everyone crazy and traumatizing Rusty and the cats. So he came back to rescue to find his perfect family–without cats!

Like too many other dogs, I was found wondering the streets of a big city. I don’t want to think about my past. But I ended up in the shelter and no one came looking for me.

Yesterday, a nice man came to get me. He picked me up, hugged and petted me. He let me lick his face and crawl all over him. Rescue looks like it is going to be the most fun I have ever had!

I am around 2 1/2 years old. I am a small guy and weigh only 47 pounds. My fur should be a beautiful brindle and white, but it is dull, dirty and scratchy. I have a few bare and sore spots. I have a cherry eye and my ears are gross. But I am now at the vet so they can give me the full spa treatment. They have already started me on some medicines and showed me around the place. There are lots of nice Bulldogs here. I can’t wait to make friends.

I love to be around people. I could just spend all day letting you pet on me. I can’t wait until I get my new family who will take me for long walks and give me day-long belly rub sessions. I will be ready to go soon, so get those applications sent in and see if you are a match for me.

5/5/19 Update:  Two-year-old Rusty has been in our home since Tuesday. He may be a small boy, but he has a huge heart and desire to please. He settled in nicely after meeting my other five dogs over the first couple of days. When describing him to others, I find myself using the word “Perfect” a lot!

Whether it has been his potty training, leash walking, sitting calmly for treats, sleeping in his crate, or meeting snippy dogs, he has been perfect! Saturday was a big test for him at our rescue event. He met so many people and let them love on him. He did surprisingly well with very small children, allowing them to pet him while he remained very calm. A few dogs got in his face and snarled for snapped at him. His response was no response at all.

He has been playful with my younger dogs who want to play. He also discovered a ball in the yard that he loves to lay down and chew. He loves following me as a shadow, but will willingly step aside when other dogs want to do the same. What can I say? He is perfect!