Sam Malone

Sam Malone

Sam Malone has had one problem after another. He was still struggling to get over pneumonia and his heart was enlarged. It appeared yesterday that he had twisted his stomach sometime Sunday. This would also cause his intestines and some other internal organs to twist. The twist could clamp the various organs and cut off blood flow. 

So Dr. Larsen decided the only option to save his life was to operate. She was able to get the stomach back to normal and stitched to the body wall so it wouldn’t twist again. The intestines seemed fine. Everything was inflamed and in doc’s word, “Angry.”  There was also lots of swelling. There was a growth on his spleen so she removed the spleen. He also had a badly inflamed pancreas. While he was under she went ahead and neutered him and did a dental. Pulled about 20 teeth! When she pulled one, blood and puss cane draining out from his sinuses. He had to have so much poison in his system. 

Doc left the clinic around 6:00 and Sam was resting comfortably. Everyone was taking shifts to check on him every hour throughout the night. When Kayla was the first to go check on him, he had passed in his sleep. He was in the position they left him in holding onto his teddybear with his head on the pillow. He did not look distressed…he most likely threw an arrhythmia and passed quickly.

We want to remember Sam, Dr. Larsen and everyone at the clinic and thank them for all they did for him. He was a special boy with the biggest, most soulful eyes. I will always remember him for carrying his food bowl everywhere he went! 

Rest in peace, my friend. We will meet again on the other side of the Bridge.

Yes, I have the same name as that guy who worked at Cheers. It’s a perfect name for me because I just want to go places where everybody knows my name!

I am only about 4 years old, but I have lived a very rough and neglected life. I was found wandering the streets by a nice man who took me in and took care of me for several weeks. He took me to his vet and gave me medicine. But he knew I had more problems than he could fix, so he called the rescue folks.

I have a lot of congestion in my lungs and the X-rays show that my heart is bigger than it should be. I have very dry and scratchy eyes that get this goop in them all the time. I have some bare spots on my skin, but they are not nearly as bad as they were before the nice man found me. My ears are also very infected and painful. I don’t remember when it happened, but the doctor said one looks like it was operated on before.

On a good note, I love being around people and all the dogs I met today! I went to the vet clinic and sat in the lap of a pretty girl. She put a mask over my face and told me to breathe real deep. It seemed kinda strange, but it did help my breathing. She said I could sit in her lap every day until I get better. Sounds like a winner to me. I like pretty girls!

When I get better, I will be off to a foster home to grow stronger. In the meantime, I want to visit some of those rescue events I’ve heard about. I bet when I go, everybody will know my name. Then, I will just wait until I am matched with my perfect family.

1/17/20 Update:  Sam is about 4 years old and has my heart! Sam came to us in a very sweet way. A very kind man found Sam on the street. He took him home and noticed he was not well. He drove Sam to the vet for an examination and medicine.

They both went home, and the man took care of Sam for several weeks, trying to make him better. Sam got worse! When he found out Sam’s medical problem, he knew it was too expensive for him, so he called us, because he wanted Sam to be saved. Thank goodness for this loving, caring man, who not only took a sick dog off the streets, but to the vet that tried to heal him.

Once Sam Malone arrived, Dr. Larsen examined him and discovered he has an enlarged heart, which is causing his chest to be restricted and more difficult for him to breath. Tests, X-rays, oxygen, meds and consulting with a cardiologist are all being done at this time to help us get to the bottom of it.

When Sam was brought in for pictures, he looked really tired, but happy to see us. I sat close so he wouldn’t want to get down or move around. It worked, except he loved putting his nose on my lens or licking it. It was adorable. He was so good for us. Afterward, we just sat around rubbing his ears and head. He works so hard to breath, but still holds his little head up and tries to be happy.

We don’t know what the road looks like for Sam yet, but we are right here with him and we will be here until he is well and has his new family.

1/27/20 Update:  When I spend time with Sam, I must spend the first 5 minutes just hugging and kissing him. We just need it from each other. Sam’s having a very tough time. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. As I’ve told you before, he suffers from an enlarged heart, and he now has pneumonia, so he is battling two monsters.

There is no dog in the world sweeter than Sam. He can’t breathe well, and he always looks so sad. My heart just breaks for him, but he is always sweet and gentle.

I must tell you this funny and sweet thing he does now. Like any child who doesn’t feel well, he’s found a security object that brings him comfort. When I went to visit with him, I found him holding his bowl in his mouth. They told me he does this all the time now. Even sleeps with it that way. I took him out of his bed, and he brought it with him. We walked through the clinic and he carried it. We went into take his pictures and he brought it. I spent my 5 minutes hugging and kissing on him… and the bowl. I admit: I was a little jealous of the attention he had for the bowl, and not me.

Then we started with his pictures. I took the bowl and it was if I had taken away his best friend. He was good ~ Sam is always good, but at the end, I decided, “What the heck….” I grabbed the bowl and gave it back to him. In some of the pics, you’ll see him with his new friend, Bob the Bowl. I think those are the best pictures in the batch.

We are blessed to have Sam and Sam’s blessed to have us! We are going to take this journey with him until he is a healthy, happy boy again. One day, he won’t need Bob the Bowl for security… he’ll have a family.