Rescue lost an amazing bulldog yesterday, Selena!  We think she may have had a stroke and she developed some sudden issues with her internal organs and there was nothing the vet could do to pull her out. Selena was adored and loved by foster mom, Sonia.  But she left this world knowing she had a home with Sonia until she found her forever home! Please keep Sonia in your thoughts and prayers, this is always such a heartbreaking loss, when we lose the ones we love.

Please welcome Selena to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! She writes: I’ve seen a lot in my 8 years on this earth. But I never dreamed I would find myself in a shelter for abandoned dogs and cats. The folks I had always lived with took me there and left me. They said something about me being too old, too fat, too sick and too expensive. What’s their point? So what if I am all those things? I’m also too full of love to waste my time in a shelter.

That’s when this nice man came to visit me. He scooped me up—well, not actually! He tried, but I am a little too heavy. But he did stoop down and love me and hug on me for the longest time. He then told me everything would be alright. He gave me a ride to the pet doctor and told the staff there that I was worth whatever the cost…. They were to give me the works and make me feel like a young gal again.

I’m going to have some work done on my one eye that is cloudy and hurts a lot. They will help fix my teeth, so they don’t hurt anymore. When I get all dolled up, the man said they would find me a family that will love a full-figured gal like me! He made it sound so good, I can hardly wait!

1/22/18 Update:  Hey bulldog people, it’s me Selena checking in on a windy Monday!  Lord, if I did not weight 70 lbs. I could have blown away today walking around outside! Hope you noticed I am wearing my mink today in celebration of me being the full figured gal that I was meant to be. Some folks tried to put me on a diet!  I was doing the Richard Simmons Walk Away the Fat, and I did Jenny Craig, and the last one I tried was Weight Watchers!  If I hear “feel the burn” one more time this fat girl is going to bite someone.   I just want to stand up and scream “How do you like me now?”  I am fat, fabulous and fun!  I  do feel like I have lost some weight, however the scale does not reflect all my hard work yet! I must be turning the fat into muscle and muscle weighs more!! I have been incorporating green beans, carrots, and some fruit in my meals. Win, win for me! I love kibble and adding fruits and vegetables is my kinda diet! I may never be that perfect size 7, with that hour glass figure, but add a 0 to that 7 and you got 70 lbs. of a heaping helping bundle of brindle bulldog babe that is perfect for anyone that loves some extra padding in case I slip and fall. Like I am now, I will just tuck and roll!

1/26/18 Update:  Selena acknowledges us when we call her “Lena.” She arrived at her B&B vacation hotspot on Monday evening. She is the perfect car ride buddy and has a beautiful, kind demeanor. She’s very gentle with a tiny face and stunning markings, including the diamond she wears on her chest. She gives you a high 5 when seeking attention and of course, loves belly rubs.

2/5/18 Update:  It’s been a great week here at the B & B, but I am ready to roll out of here into a comfy, loving home to call my own. I’m enjoying my stay, but there is no place like home. I need a place to call home and I need someone I can unconditionally love & who will love me. I am a very smart gal who does not cause trouble. Did I say “smart?” Yes, I’m very smart and I listen well. I am well mannered and I enjoy my own space. I have been enjoying daily walks, a few times a day, and I am on a diet. It’s all good, as I have lost a few pounds and feel great. My legs seem to carry me farther every day.

Play time in the evening is so much fun with all the toys (when my foster brother will share). I get along well with the rest of the pack and enjoy the big people. I’d rather you get down to my level so I can smother you with kisses, if you ask. I would never kiss you unless you ask. I may hit you gently with my paw for a little attention. I am not a beggar and seriously, I’m good on a diet, but I look forward to my breakfast and dinner. I also like apples for snacks. I certainly do not bark and beg like one of the gals I’m staying with? She always wants snacks. I take a joint supplement for my bones and it’s making me feel so much better. I like to be brushed. I am fully crate trained, I have a sweet voice with a power bark if someone is at the door. I love my pillow and I do carry it around once in a while, then I take it back to my crate. Yes, I do love to take naps, so no trouble from me at nap or bed time. It’s sweet dreams for all. Hey, please come see me next Sunday, as I heard I get to go on another thing I enjoy: a car ride! See you at Cold Beer Company!

2/10/18 Update:  Hey, fellas… it’s me, Selena, rocking my new red tutu for Valentine’s Day! I must say… I am one smoking hot mama and red sure looks good on me. I have been on a weight-lost program, and I was hoping that you all would notice how much weight I THINK I have lost. All I can say is it better be at least 20 lbs or I am going to do some binge eating. My time in rescue has been great, but it’s time I found a family to call my own. I LOVE people and I love all dogs that are smaller than me. I get really nervous if the dog is taller or wider than me.

I do walk with a limp and I have one eye that needs drops daily. Oh, and I do love to eat. I am 8 years old and I really am maintenance-free. I love a soft bed, good food, and I love to have my fur brushed. If you’re thinking about a hot mama like me, now’s the time to submit your app.

3/20/18 Update:  Hey y’all, Selena here… I am having a blast at my foster folks place, I got to play with a baby, and she was soo fun that I just hung with her the whole time she was here. They’ve had me on a diet, and at first I wasn’t so happy with that but I’m getting around a little better now and realize this diet thing isn’t so bad!! Foster mom finally figured out that I wasn’t barking at the vacuum, I was barking to be vacuumed! See I love this, it feels sooo good and I run to it every time someone turns it on! They love me here, and treat me like a queen, but I’m really sad that I haven’t found my forever family yet… Anyway, Happy St. Patrick’s Day y’all… and don’t forget to support your favorite rescue and put in your application!! I’m ready for my furever home!!

4/8/18 Update:  Selena is still waiting for her perfect family. Her idea of a perfect family is one that will let her lay around all she wants, feed her the good stuff, help her with eye drops, and give her lots of belly rubs and hugs!

4/28/18 Update:  Selena says: I just don’t get it, I’m waiting so patiently, and no ones come to meet me… I’m cute, I’m soft and cuddly, and I can raise my hand when I want a French fry… some days I just wanna quit tryin, and then they bring home more fries and I find my motivation all over!!  Remember to fill out your application!! Me and lots of my friends are waiting for our special person to love! 

6/24/18 Update:  Selena wants to know what’s holding you up with that application. She is working really hard at resting… it’s her favorite thing to do. She loves her people and foster sister, but gets a little grumpy when the new foster puppy gets too active. After all, isn’t that what she’s supposed to do? Tell the youngster how to get along?

7/10/18 Update:   It’s been a busy weekend. I just moved to a new foster home with three other “temporary” fur sisters! I think my foster mom’s jaw hit the ground when she first laid eyes on me. Probably because I’m so cute! Or is it because I’m built like a line backer? Either way, I would love to find a permanent family of my own to love. I’m not real active, but I do get up and take care of my business outside or move across the room to be a little closer to my human. Oh, and I can’t leave out the food bowl! I think foster mom moves it a little further away on purpose, but I’m on to her. I have a few medications that help me stay beautiful, so if you don’t mind helping a girl stay beautiful, put in that application!

7/31/18 Update:   I’m following suit on this fabulous Tongue Out Tuesday! Just want to let everyone know I’m chillin’ at Mays Manor, waiting on my forever family to come get me. I love my snuggle time and treats. Foster Mom gives me frozen yogurt treats. Yum Yum!

9/12/18 Update:  It’s me Selena. In case some of you potential furparents are worried you do not have enough space for this rather plump girl, let me tell you, you do! As you can see in my pictures I like small cramped spaces. Foster mom can’t keep me out of this thing and Foster sister Norma thinks I am crazy! She’s using this tiny enclosure as temporary housing for a pup but when that pup isn’t in there I am! Foster mom says to enjoy it because it’s not going to be around long. Even when foster mom shuts the door I can get it open. I can’t quite figure out how to get that bigger bed in there but I’m working on it. 

I take care of business outside, I love to take rides in the car (I may not have the stamina as a younger pup but I will sure ride in a wagon), I will let you know when someone is at the door and let you love on me until your arms fall off!