Please keep Slugger’s forever family in your thoughts. He earned his angel wings and is flying high.

His mom writes: We wanted to let you know Slugger passed away in his sleep last night. Thank for allowing us the opportunity to give Slugger a better life and making him a part of our family. He was a sweet boy who loved to be pet and just hang out. Everyone who met him loved him, and he will certainly be missed. The house is definitely strangely quieter without Bulldog snores in the background. Bless you all for all you do for these sweet little dogs.

Slugger has been adopted! Let the new life begin!  From his foster momma: Bulldog dreams do come true. Slugger hit the jackpot. He fell immediately in love with his new human sisters, Emma and Olivia. He kissed and wiggled and smiled. He also has two senior fur siblings, Bella and Norman, that welcomed him right into the family. We are thrilled that Slugger’s new mama was a vet tech and knew all about his breathing issue and limitations. Sluggie is in for a lifetime of luxury. Happy tails, Slugbug. Welcome to the good life.

Please welcome 6-year-old Slugger to the Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family. This owner surrender is dog- and kid-friendly. Stay tuned for more details!

6/13/16 Update:  What a sweet little boy. 6 year old slugger comes to us as a surrender with no fault of his own. This baby boy just had pallet and  entropion surgery. He seems to be healing well though he is a loud breather. He could stand to gain quite a bit of weight and is well on his way to a plumper and healthy life. We started him on a weight gain diet and he hasn’t complained once about all the yummy additions to his kibble. He gets along great with all our female dogs and LOVES to be kissed and snuggled. He’s proving to be quite the mama’s boy and wants to be close to his people. So far he has been a perfect house guest. Stay tuned to see Mr. Slugger heal up and find his forever family.

6/20/16 Update:  Look out ladies. Slugger is quite the charmer. He is such a sweet, lovey boy. Slugger will need a special family that understands his breathing issues and can be gentle and patient with him. He has put on 2 pounds, is looking healthier, and seems to be stronger. His weight will always need to be managed due to his breathing. This petite baby boy will not be able to carry extra pounds. He also cannot get hot or too excited. We don’t stay outside more than a few minutes at a time on these hot days. We think, during cool weather, he would love to have a wagon for when he goes places or on walks.

Slugger gets along with everyone. He just gets right in the mix with his foster sisters. His potty habits are improving daily. He was going potty in his kennel, but the last week he is getting the hang of going outside. We guess he must have been in a kennel because he does not go on the grass. He prefers the sidewalk. Hoping he will be monkey see monkey with his sisters and start venturing into the grass.  Stay tuned for more adventures is Slugbug!!

7/3/16 Update:  Oh, this boy is precious. It’s been a good week for Slugbug. He has his issues and needs some special care, but he is the most lovable little guy. He has little energy bursts and then just wants to sleep. He loves sunbathing and we feel so bad that we have to bring him in after just a couple minutes. He loves his extremely short walks to the end of the driveway and back. Slugger and the robot vacuum are starting to not get along so well, but it would probably freak me out too!

Sluggy eats 3 times a day and he gets ice water in small amounts. The ice keeps him from gulping it. He seems to love it. Now all his foster sisters want ice in their water too! This man gets along with everyone and could be an only child or have siblings. He does need a gentle family that understands his limitations. He’s such a good boy.