Sophie Nicole

Sophie Nicole

We are so sad to announce that our sweet Sophie passed suddenly and unexpectedly today. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her pops who loved her more than anything.

We are so excited to announce that Sophie Nicole has been adopted and is off to start a wonderful new life!

Please welcome Sophie Nicole to our rescue family! I can hardly stand this much cuteness wrapped up in one package! Two-year-old Sophie Nicole is perfection any way you look at her. At 33 lbs, Sophie Nicole can not help herself: she is the real deal. Sophie Nicole came from a loving family that said, “We are in over our heads with this girl. She just needs more medical care than we were prepared for and we knew you guys would get her in tip-top shape. That’s all we want.” Surrendering was a decision that was not taken lightly. Sophie was loved, adored and current on all her vet care. She is looking for a family with kids and other dogs. The family should be able to give her a lot of snuggles because Sophie Nicole loves to snuggle!

7/15/17 Update:  Sophie has a smaller than normal trachea and she also has a very long pallet. This makes if very difficult to put her under anesthesia. She will need to limit her activity and time outside. She may also be more susceptible to respiratory infections.

7/23/17 Update:  Oh my goodness…. What a sweet, tiny little princess! Sophie Nicole quickly settled into our Bulldog home (we call it diva nation) without missing a step. She is a quiet little girl that likes to be at the feet of her person all the time. She has had a couple of accidents in the house, but mostly house trained. She does well in her crate. No food, dog, or people aggression whatsoever. This sweet baby is going to a patient family that understands her limitations. Miss Sophie Nicole suffers from some palate and trachea issues. She has a pretty deep nose rope and tail pocket that will need daily cleaning. She has a beautiful coat and perfect disposition. Sophie will be a perfect dog and her family will love and spoil her!

8/10/17 Update:  What an incredibly sweet and precious girl Sophie is (we call her Soso). When she first got to our house, we were concerned about her ability to interact with the other dogs because of her breathing. We weren’t sure how much she would play with her foster sisters. Soso does not have a bit of a problem playing and getting excited with everyone else. She is the first one to get everyone excited about the lawn or pool guy. In fact, when she gets excited, she gets a little hop in her step. It is really funny! She loves to sunbathe. Soso goes right outside and plops right on the grass. In this heat, her outside stays are very short. It takes some bribing to get her back inside. Lately, she has been having more potty accidents in the house. We are working on correcting this with more outside trips.

She is absolutely one of the sweetest foster dogs we have ever had. Sophie will stay right at our feet. She just wants to be with her people. Stayed tuned for more about precious Soso Nicole.

9/11/17 Update:  Miss Sophie is the house’s biggest clown. She hops wherever she goes, full of fun. Sophie loves to sun in the evenings when its cooler. Her biggest pal is her Dobie sister, Lola. Sophie is a very lovable girl; she wants to be close to her people. She’s a wonderful companion and a sweet, sweet girl. Despite her breathing difficulties, Ms. Sophie loves to be active. She sometimes needs gentle reminders that it is time to settle down and rest when she gets too hoppy, but mostly her energy spurts are short lived and then she sprawls on the cold floor for a nap.

This girl is one of the most loveable foster dogs we have ever had. We love her so and know you will too. If you are looking for the most perfect love bug, SoSo is your girl.