If there ever was a truer statement than “A broken heart still beats,” I have yet to hear it. At the age of 14, Sunnee passed away in her bed, head by her food bowl and her best friend Camo laying by her side. Sunnee was born on May 13, 2006 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on May 22, 2020, leaving behind my broken heart. Sunnee was 14 when she left.

Sunnee was an Army brat who was born in South Korea. When Sunnee’s family moved back to Killeen from South Korea, Sunnee came too, but soon found herself the product of a divorce, so she joined rescue.

Sunnee was my foster dog and I dressed her up for every occasion. I took her here and there and talked her up to everyone, but not one applicant seemed to be a match for Sunnee. After 429 days, I adopted Sunnee.

There was not one thing I did not love about Sunnee. She was known as “the clean-up lady” and every piece of kibble was her best friend. Even as Sunnee got older and slower, no other Bulldog dared to eat out of her bowl and if they saw her coming, they walked away. She was small, but she was fierce when it came to food.

Sunnee had a permanent mad expression that kept most people at bay, and in reality, she was pleased with that. Sunnee didn’t care. She didn’t ever go out of her way to meet anyone. Sunnee lived to look someone up and down, and then walk away. I am going to miss her most because she was a constant, predictable dog, and on occasion, she would actually act like my best friend.

Hello, my rescue friends! It’s me, Sunnnneeeeee Dee on adoption day! Yep, you read that right I was adopted today. For 429 days, I have been in rescue and no one wanted to adopt me. I dressed up in tutus, I wore a tiara, I bought feathers to wear around my neck.. I went the whole 9 yards, plus some. I looked happy, I looked sad. I was once thin, and then I added some fluff to my figure. But nothing worked. I painted my toe nails, I combed my hair, I sat in laps, and I laid on my back and kicked my legs… still no one thought a lady with a little mileage was the right one for them. I went to the mall and I picked out a new bikini. I debated on a one piece ~ then I thought I am too young for that and I chose something to make me look smoking hot. I went home and hopped in the swimming pool and what happened next was just crazy.

Out came my foster mom and she told me the best news: I had a family that wanted to adopt me and I cried! I started to pack my stuff, and then I heard the best news in the world… I was not going anywhere. I was staying here. My foster mom was now just my mom. I cried Bulldog tears. I have a home. I am loved. And I matter. Happy Mother’s Day to me!

At the age of 10, please welcome Sunnee to rescue!  Sunnee is what you might call an Army Brat that traveled here from South Korea. Three years ago she became a Texan living on a Army base with her bulldog brother. And then it happened, the family went their separate ways and Sunnee was caught in the middle with nowhere to go. So Sunnee packed her things and headed our way to find a family that would love and appreciate a senior citizen that still has a lot of pep in her step. She says she can still chase a rabbit, and is available for lots of couch time watching The Voice!  Sunnee is great with other dogs, has been raised with kids, and is super friendly. She has some bulldog allergies, but is already spayed, current on shots and had her grooming visit today before arriving so she is cute as a button, smells like a rose and ready for some couch time at your house!

4/16/17 Update:  Sunnee is a tiny sleep machine almost 99% of the time. Sunnee’s favorite time of any day is meal time. Sunnee loves to eat!

5/28/17 Update:  Sunnee is zero problems. Her days are filled with naps, food and treats. Sunnee does not particularly care for other dogs and she will challenge them if they try to take her bed. Sunnee needs a pampering retirement home.

6/12/17 Update:  You may have noticed I have been M.I.A. for a few weeks. This was NOT my intentions at all! One day, I woke up and my hair was falling out, my skin had turned a watermelon red and I could not stop sneezing and scratching. I was like, “What the heck has happened to me?” I jumped in the car and headed to the vet and she said, “Sunnee Dee, you are a hot mess!” And then it began… the poking and the prodding, the scrapping and the baths. I was scrubbed places that the sun never shines! Multiple times. I have had shots, medication, special shampoo, fatty acids and now I eat a special dog food that tastes like cardboard. Yep. That’s me, a cardboard-eating Bulldog that is one hot mess. Every other Bulldog is eating something tasty with a little cheese on top, and me? I am staring at this grain-free, chicken-free, all-things-that-taste-good-free dog food and I am one mad Sunnee Dee!

And to make matters worse, I have packed on a few pounds and none of my clothes fit any more. I had to get a larger collar, and my walk around the yard has turned into a walk down the street and back! Will someone please adopt me? This is Sunee Dee asking … please! 😉

7/17/17 Update:  My tiny Bulldog with a huge appetite still wonders when her furever family is coming. How have they not been found? The biggest thing about her is her body and her appetite. Sunnee continues to expand in size, chase a loose kibble across the floor at record speed, and do some of the cutest things. At age 12, Sunnee will never give up on finding her family.

9/3/17 Update:  Sunnee is fighting mad that she is still without a family. At age 12 Sunnee has a spark about her that let’s everyone know she is the clean up bulldog and every loose piece of kibble is her’s and Lord help the bulldog that is in the way.  Unless she get’s old over night she has more good years ahead !

Labor Day means no more wearing white for me! I have packed up all my white tutu’s and tap shoes and have squeezed into my multii-colored tutu. So let’s just say, I might need to go on a diet! Either the dryer shrunk my tutu, or I have been having one too many banana splits while I wait for my forever family to find me.  I guess I eat more when I am depressed, because I never thought me, Sunnee Dee, would have trouble finding a forever family. I am really the total package, looks, charm, healthy as a horse with  personality plus.  I am great around other bulldogs, kids, cats and big people. I am a clean plate eater,  well really I just clean up after anyone, if they don’t want all their kibble. Like a ninja, I swoop right in and like magic I clean it all up!  So, please if you need a clean plate eater, a ninja in waiting,  or a lazy bulldog babe send in a application for Sunnee Dee, I just sit here waiting .

9/17/17 Update:  This gal danced, pranced and worked the room at our Hollywood Feed event this past weekend. Sunnee ignored all the “diet” comments. She ignored all the people that side stepped her to let her roam the room looking for some treats. Sunnee Dee did NOT appreciate the someone took a pig ear out of her mouth, pointed their finger at her and said “Little lady, it looks like you might have had ONE too many pig ears!” When she first came into rescue, all she heard was “Girl, you are tooooo thin. You need to eat!” And now it’s, “Girl, what are you eating?” She can’t please everyone, so she has decided to just please herself!

9/25/17 Update:  This gal is still upset about being called “fat” at our Hollywood Feed event. Sunnee Dee thinks the people who were throwing around that ‘fat” word were bullying her and she wants no part of that. So, if you’re wondering if she has gone on a diet to show those people a thing or two… the answer is NO. In fact, she is emotional eating now. Sunnee Dee could not be any cuter if she tried. There is a family for her out there. She will not be happy until someone finds her and adopts her! When Sunnee finds her family, they will be the luckiest family in the world!

11/26/17 Update:  “Hey, Bulldog friends. It’s me ~ Sunnee Dee checking in from the North Pole! Yep, that’s right. I walked there just to visit with Santa and ask him to please help me find a family for Christmas. Maybe you don’t know, but I have been in rescue since April. I have seen so many Bulldogs come and go to their forever homes and here I sit… waiting on someone to want me. I heard my best friend Luna say that I was really packing on the pounds and I had to explain to her that I was an “emotional eater.” I told her all I think about are French fries and a furever family. Well, I’m off to take more pics with Santa and to explain again that I really, really need a family for Christmas. Not any family… a family that will love just me, Sunnee Dee!

1/30/18 Update:  Hey all you Suneee Dee followers, just wanted you to know I was less than impressed getting up early today to go for a spa day and then to a Valentine shoot.  I prefer to sleep till noon and then slowly ease myself into the day! But, a lady has to do what a lady has to do to get roses and candy on Valentines. But for me, I am just hoping for a family of my own for Valentines Day. For 326 days I have waited for a family. I have seen so many bulldogs come and go, yet I still wait.  Waiting is what I do best now. It is true I have grown a couple tutu sizes over the past months.  But hey,  in case I fall down, extra padding is very helpful.  I know there must be some senior bulldog lovers out there who think I am a beautiful full-figured senior bulldog.  If you do, send in a application for me and title it “Sunnnnneeee Deeee she’s the one for Me!”