Please keep Sunny’s foster family in your thoughts and prayers. At Sunny’s vet visit today (10/5/16) , we learned she was in kidney failure and had bone cancer. She had an abdominal mass and spinal disease. The kindest thing we could do for her was to help her get to the Rainbow Bridge. She earned her wings and she knew nothing but love in her foster home. Until we see you again, sweet Sunny. You will be missed.

Miss Sunny is aptly named! She is a delight to be around. She is an owner surrender after her original owner gave her to a friend and the friend gave her to another friend who contacted us. They realized the demands of a bully were not for everyone. She is at the vet for her evaluation, but appears to be very healthy and ready for her foster home for further evaluation.

7/10/16 Update:  Well, we have had Sunny since Friday afternoon and she is slowly coming out of her shell.  She is the sweetest senior, 7 yrs old, and my 4 kids just love her and she soaks it up!!  She is very slow but we trotted outside this afternoon….last night she tried to get up on the couch with me. She follows me everywhere.  The boys were upstairs playing Xbox and all of a sudden I hear “Sunny is upstairs!”,  which totally shocked me cause she doesn’t move a lot.  Today we got home from Walmart and she actually showed excitement to see us,  which is 180 degrees from her sleeping all day Friday and most of Saturday.  I’ve given her two baths as she was so gross, clumps of stuff underneath and burrs all over her.  Her folds on her face hadn’t been cleaned in forever, it was like tar black.  She got another today and smells so good and seems happier!  She doesn’t bark or play, mainly sits or lays down, but she is the master napped in the sitting position! She LOVES treats and a good rubbing!!  She is potty trained but did pee in her bed the first night.  She is super small and has the perfect stance and bulldog look….just don’t see how anyone could give her up!!!
As far as other dogs, she has snapped at our bulldog a few times but it’s not viciously, but our bulldog has been our #1 so she is more affected by Sunny being in HER house.  Poor Alli wants her to play but Sunny looks at her like “lemme lone”! Sunny loves the kids and would be good with kids or dogs…shows no food aggression.  She really is just a sweet little girl that wants her naps and treats.  She would be perfect for anyone wanting a bulldog!
7/25/16 Update:  Sunny is doing great and still enjoying her naps. She only eats if I add something to her food… She was obviously spoiled. She is more active, but doesn’t play. I don’t think she was ever taught how to play, but she loves to go and sun outside. She loves attention, except from our Bulldog (HA!) who just wants her to play, but Sunny D passes on playtime every time! If someone is looking for a senior Bulldog, she is absolutely perfect!
8/21/16 Update:  No bigger than a sack of potatoes is Sunny Delight!!  All I can say is that the owner that surrendered her is really missing out.  This girl is precious. I was amazed at her petite size. Sunny will be zero problems with other dogs, cats, kids, anything. Sunny loves them all.  Sunny is on antibiotics for a UTI and is a picky eater, but on a scale of 1-10 Sunny is 10 plus.

8/28/16 Update:  Words can’t describe the soft spot I have for her.  She walks as if you hit the slow motion button.  We have noticed she has very limited vision.  She is still trying to learn where the walls are.  If any one wants a fur baby that will literally lay on you 24/7 look no further.  I wish they made Mentos for bullies, but any dog lover will look past that.  We have her a bath and she was in heaven.

9/19/16 Update:  Her name is Sunny and the name fits perfectly!  She brings so much joy to you just being around her.  She is seeing impaired, but that doesn’t stop her.  Memorizing her surroundings quickly is her specialty.  Loves to be beside you and gets so excited when you open the fridge.  This is the easiest fur baby you could have in your life.

10/2/16 Update:  “Hi I’m Sunny” I have lived an eventful life so far.  I don’t get around much anymore, but I do love to venture outside.  My day mostly seems to consist of how many naps I can take.  Unfortunately, I had a sick day last week and something didn’t agree with me.  I’m feeling better now and have spent the week getting pampered.  I enjoy being wrapped up in a blanket.  If you scratch both of my sides at the same time I tend to make happy noises.  I tend to get sleep in my eyes due to all the naps I take, but love it when you can wipe them off.  I have a great group of other bullies right now I like lounging with.  If you want to be apart of my forever home that would be nice!