We’re sad to share that foster boy Swiggy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He will forever remain in his foster parents’ hearts until they meet again. 

His foster pops writes: Swiggy arrived in rescue early 2021 as an active and playful senior with a bit of an attitude. He was adorable, smart and loved to play, but at times, he had unpredictable behavior. At first, this behavior was only toward other dogs, but as time went by, it started to happen toward humans, as well.

We constantly worked with him, hoping that one day, his unpredictable behavior would eventually go away. He had so many great days, but unfortunately, he also had days that were not so great.

Through all the good, bad, fun and sometimes frustrating times, we still loved him, and only wanted the best for him.

Recently, we started to notice Swiggy wasn’t as active as he once was, and he didn’t have much of an appetite. Over the weekend, he started to become weak. 

We discussed our concerns with the rescue committee and Dr. Larsen, and concluded his time was quickly approaching.

We then talked it over with Swiggy, and he let us know he was ready to go. We helped Swiggy cross the Rainbow Bridge Tuesday night. 

We love you, Swiggy. We’ll never forget you.

My name pretty much describes my personality. Even though I am 8 years old, I still like to squiggle and wiggle and move around like a dog half my age.
There were some changes in my old home and my dad’s elderly mom had to move in with us. I think I frightened her. When I tried to get her attention and get her to play with me, I would scratch her frail skin and that caused problems. So because the mom had to stay, they all thought it would be better if I got a new home, where I can roam free and wiggle and squiggle all over the place.
I’m not used to being around a lot of other dogs, so I am a little scared of other dogs right now if they get too close to me. I kind of feel the same way about small kids who don’t know how to treat me.
I am off to the vet clinic for a thorough checkup and then I’ll move into my foster home as I search for my furever family.
6/15/21 Update:  Swiggy just moved-in to his foster home on Friday. This sweet boy has a lot of energy and wiggles when you call his name. Stay tuned for more updates on him as we learn more about him.
6/28/21 Update:  Sweet Swiggy wanted to show off his handsome smile and great physique. He does pretty darn well at going potty outside – almost 100% on crate training and house training. He gets a little aggressive with play, especially if it involves toys, so his ideal home would not have small children.
7/5/21 Update:  Swiggy had a great week helping his foster mom work. We did find out that he does NOT like fireworks. He barks when they’re going off. This sweet guy is house trained and crate trained. His perfect family would be very Bulldog savvy without small children.
7/12/21 Update:  Swiggy is doing well in his foster home. He’s got the cutest two front teeth. He loves his crate! All we have to do is shake a bag of treats and say “Sweeeet Swiiig!” (think pig call), and he’s ready for bed in his crate. Also, he does pretty well with the five other dogs in the home. Are you ready to welcome Sweeeet Swiiig into your home?
7/20/21 Update:  Swiggy is so sweet and really likes following his foster mom wherever she goes. She gets up from her office chair and he says, “Word! Where we goin’?” And if foster mom goes into a room without him, he will wait patiently at the door for her. He loves a warm blanket and likes to rest his head on a lap. Who’s ready for a loyal, loving dog?
7/26/21 Update:  Swiggy is a loyal guy. He’s obedient and just wants to be with his humans. He would love a furever family of his very own.

8/2/21 Update:  Sweet Swig had another great week. He likes to snuggle on the couch. He even snuck-up to his foster momma and put his head on her arm during movie time. It was such a cute surprise. He’s a Netflix and chill kinda guy!n!

I am still reviewing approved applicants tp be my forever family. If you like a small Bulldog who could be a lap dog, I may be your girl!

8/11/21 Update:  Swiggy is always on the move helping foster mom with whatever she “needs help” with. So his pictures always come out blurry- he’s just too busy to pose for pics. Could you use this sweet “helper” around your home?

9/5/21 Update:  Sweet Swiggy is having a relaxing Labor Day weekend with his foster family. He’s a good boy: he’s totally potty trained and loves his crate. He also loves helping around the house.

9/27/21 Update:  Swiggy’s two favorite things are food & toys, in that order. He will drop a toy for food, but he won’t drop food for a toy. And, speaking of dropping things, anything you drop on the floor is either food or a toy for him. You cannot convince him otherwise. Lol! He’s a silly guy!

10/25/21 Update:  Swiggy is a great bulldog who loves toys, food, and more food.  He’s totally potty trained and crate trained.  He gets mouthy with play, so he would do best without small children in the home.  He can also be toy and space possessive, and although he co-exists with other dogs okay, he’d be happiest as an only bulldog.  He would love to find his furever home!

11/18/21 Update:  Swiggy continues to eagerly await his furever family. In the meantime, he enjoys being the “background noise” of every meeting his foster mom facilitates. She announces, “I have to start off by addressing the elephant in the room, or in this case, the Bulldog!” Her co-workers love Swiggy and the ambiance his snoring provides to meetings.