Sylvia has earned her angel wings. 🙁 Please keep her momma in your thoughts.

She writes: My sweet, sweet Sylvia passed away this afternoon. Sylvia came from a puppy mill and we rescued her two months ago. Shortly after I started fostering her, she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and we knew she was not going to be with me long. I adopted her recently so she could belong to someone for the first time in her life before it was time to go. My heart is broken, but after living in a cage for the first four years of her life, she finally got to have a life. She loved to walk in the woods and sit in the glider with me every morning and evening. She loved to play and sun herself on the patio. She got to sleep on my bed every night. The thing she loved the most though was the kiddy pool that she would jump and splash around in, then run and jump in the glider with me, all wet.

I will miss her terribly. She will always be in my heart, but most of all, she got to be herself, enjoy life and know what a belly rub felt like before she had to go. I love you, my Sylvia. I will carry your memory with me the rest of my days.

Please welcome Sylvia to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Sylvia, age 4, was part of a breeding program, but was surrendered because she didn’t get pregnant at the last breeding. But that’s OK with us, as she’ll be spayed soon enough. Sylvia is dog friendly, needs some extra meals and seems to be as sweet as can be. She and foster boy Sir Loin rode together during their freedom ride with zero problems. Stay tuned for more details on her.

2/19/17 Update:  I have the sweetest foster girl on the planet! When Sylvia came to us, she seemed to know nothing about the world outside of a concrete floor and wire walls. She started out being a very timid girl, but as each day passes, she gets less afraid of things around her. Her personality is coming out. I don’t know if she even knew she had a personality until she got to use it. I love watching her learn about freedom. She came through her spay like a champ, although Dr. W found that she had pyometra (an infection in the reproduction organs). If she hadn’t been rescued and come to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, she could have died. This is one of the reasons I do this.

When she came to rescue, she didn’t know what loving, belly rubs or petting felt like. It didn’t take her long to find out she LOVES all of those. Now when she sees me coming, she puts up her paw, asking to be rubbed. She is a cuddlier and can not get close enough to you. She found out what a bull stick was this week and walks around with one in her mouth all the time. She found out treats are a good thing and cheese is delicious! She loves being outside and loves to walk with you. We are learning about a leash and how not to potty in the house. She came to me needing to put on some pounds and she came to the right home, because eating in my house is our favorite pastime. She is already filling out. She is great with other dogs (males and females). She is just so happy to be a part of this new life, she wants everyone to be her friend! When my Lola Louise gets a little loud and bossy, Sylvia looks at her like, “What’s wrong with you? This place is GREAT!” I don’t know who will be her furever family, but who ever that lucky person or family is, they will hit the jackpot with Sylvia.

2/26/17 Update:  Hi, everyone. It’s me ~ Sylvia! I am loving my new foster home ~ I never knew life could be all about me. I have found a wonderful new game called “Take Mom’s Shoes Out Of The Closet And Drop Them All Around The House.” This way, it makes it more exciting for her when she is trying to get ready to go to work. I think this game also is called “Hunt and Seek.” She doesn’t think it’s as fun as I do. I don’t chew them ~ just move them!

I also got to meet the cat named Abby this week. I found her very interesting. I would smell her and then shake my head. She smells different, not like the other Bulldog butts in the house. I wanted to play, but she was not interested. I think we could be friends if she would lighten up and not be so serious. I am learning to play with my sister Clara. I have never played with another dog before. I’m kind of awkward, but I’m trying to learn. The leash and I have not become friends yet. It makes me go places when I don’t want to. I bite it, but it doesn’t seem to pay me any attention, so I just keep moving. I’m doing much better on going potty outside, but still have accidents in the house. Foster mom says that it’s OK, but next time we have to go outside. I love the outside ~ I could stay out there all day, but foster mom says I’m a Bulldog (whatever that is) and have to come inside. I will be a GREAT GIRL for my forever family! I would like to live in a home that is fun, but peaceful. Aggressive dogs scare me and I find a corner to hide in, but if you have a sweet dog I would LOVE to come live with you and be their forever sister.

3/8/17 Update:  Sylvia here to update you on my week.  Well I had a great week until it rained this weekend.  I do not like to go out in the rain, so I refused and moved around the house sleeping all day.  Since I have learned how to play with my toys and other siblings I love being outside (under the watchful eye of foster mom).  I only had 1 accident in the house this week and I blame it on Mom being at work.  I’m doing great on knowing that outside is where I potty and since I love outside I am always ready to go (except when it rains).  Foster Mom is still trying to teach me about my leash.  I don’t mind it, but I get confused and think it is a game and try to chew the leash, well Foster Mom is smarter then she looks, she bought what is called a training leash and it is to short to bite.  She took all the fun out of the game.

My favorite thing in the whole world is cuddling.  I get so happy when I’m close to the person I love that I can’t get close enough.  I put my foot on Mom’s face, I nibble her arm (not bite) to let her know how much I love her and I love to give kisses while cuddling. When I first came to live with Foster Mom I didn’t even know what someone petting me felt like, but now I can’t get enough! Since I realized this is my new life I am so happy.  I do things that I never dreamed of.  Simple things that some Bullies take for granted like running full blast and then falling down and rolling on my back, belly rubs, no limitation to where I can walk, playing with my bed full of toys and food lots and lots of food. I look at Mom trying to tell her I appreciate everything and that I love her for making me know what love is and that I am important.

I am ready for my forever home so I can love them the way my Foster Mom loves me.  I am a great girl!  Foster Mom says so.