Synder (now Zola)

Synder (now Zola)

Please keep Zola’s furever and foster families in your thoughts. Without any warning, they were forced to say goodbye and the hurt is unbearable. Her mom writes: It is with a broken heart and tear-swelled eyes that I tell you Zola (formerly Synder) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. To say we are devastated, does not begin to describe the pain. I begged my vet for some answers, but he had none. Our sweet girl laid down to take a nap and did not get up. Our home is eerily quiet without her snorts and grunts. She was an avid conversationalist and always told us the best stories. Her fur sisters are lost without her, sniffing and searching. She is so greatly missed.

When Zola first came home with us, she did not really have a name. Her rescue name was Synder, but she did not respond to it. Her awesome foster parents had started calling her “Lady,” but she didn’t seem to embrace that either. We decided this special girl had her own plans, so we let her pick her own name. We spent the first day suggesting names to her. There were a few she considered, but once we mentioned Zola, she knew that was her! Her face lit up and her butt shook with excitement! She answered to it the first time, and every time there after. She loved her name, and all its variations…..Z, Zola-Bear, ZO, Z-Bear. She always came running, with a smile on her face!

Z was such a blessing to our family. Her stay with us was much too short, but it was full of love, true unconditional love. She knew she had found her furever home. She loved to snuggle and gave the best hugs! Her head was so soft! Zola was a toy collector ~ she liked to have them all. She was never aggressive (well, almost never) and would share if she had to (but preferred a good game of tug of war, winner take all). She loved to patrol her big backyard, making sure the neighbors and all the wild life did what they were supposed to do. Occasionally, she would have to bark at them, and remind them of their place, but only a couple times a day. Z was a big help in the kitchen, always under foot, in case I needed some help cleaning up, or be an official taste tester. Always keeping me company and willing to lend a paw. We may have to start eating out because I’m not sure I can cook without her help.

When your share your life with dogs, especially Bulldogs, you know there will come a time you have to say goodbye. We were not prepared for this day, not for our Z-Bear. She had given us no warning, no signs, no time to prepare. We feel like we still had so much to learn about her fun personality. We will continue to cry, to mourn and to love on her sisters. Together, we will find our new normal, but man, is it hard! We find peace in knowing she was welcomed across that Bridge with the love and support of those who traveled before her, but there will always be a Zola-shaped hole in our hearts. We love you, Zola-Bear!

📣Will all of our pawsome friends, please put your paws together 🐾 and help us celebrate 🎉 as we found our FURever home – together!🐶🐶 That’s right- we packed our bags and headed out the door. ✌🏽 Our FURever pawrents fell in love with both of us, just as much as we fell in love with them. 🥰

And guess what…we even have Bulldog siblings to hang with 🐶🐶, a huge backyard to play in, and our FURever dad told us we even get to be his high school football team’s cheerleaders. 📣 🏈 Anddddd our FURever pawrents promised us they would be patient with us as we continue to grow, learn and possibly push the limits from time to time 😉 (And just between us, it hasn’t stopped raining since we got to our FURever home, so we may already be pushing a limit or two.🤫)

Thank you 💋 to our foster pawrents and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. We are so excited for this new family we have been blessed with! We must sign off now, as we need to go do zoomies in the living room (because of the rain🙄), play hide’n’seak with all of our new toys, 💩 in the corner, have one-on-one time with our fur sis 👯, run and tackle each other, but smile pretty and tell our FURever mom we were just cuddling🤪and wait for our FURever dad to get home so we can all play tug-o-war. XoXoXo, 💚Lucy 💛Zola

Oh Happy Day!  Today I joined rescue and I have already been to the pumpkin patch and picked myself some pumpkins! My name is Synder and I am 2 years old.  I have always had a family who loved me and took great care of me, but they thought I needed more time and attention than they could give right now.  So I packed my bulldog bags and headed out to find that perfect family who wanted me to be like their shadow and would take me everywhere they go.  I love people a lot, and I love other things with fur too. I have a few medical things that need to be addressed, and then a little recovery. After that I will be ready for a family who needs me to travel with them. Anywhere, anytime I can be ready to go!  My name is Synder and I am 2 years old!