The Goose

The Goose

Sugar May Pogue left this world on September 28th and is missed by so many.

Sugar aka “Big Goose” had an infectious sweet personality, stopping traffic wherever she went. She was full of life and loved everyone. Sugar was adopted from a rescue group in North Carolina and I will never forget the first day I met her. She came storming up to me and my husband full speed and knocked me over (Sugar was a big 70lb girl!). She was missing hair on half her body and was snorting and grunting as she ran around. I instantly knew that Sugar was coming home with us!

From the moment she entered our lives, I knew I would never be the same.  Sugar was not like most dogs and she hated dog beds. To get her to sleep out of our bed we had to purchase a small toddler bed for Sugar to sleep in. Every night for the first couple of years, we had to tuck her in her bed and pull it up close to ours, she was a little messpot!  Sugar was carefree and put a smile on everyone’s face that she met. One of Sugar’s favorite things to do was sing… and Sugar LOVED to sing. Her favorite song to sing along to was Jingle Bells. When Sugar was not singing she would be sunbathing, cuddling, or sleeping on the couch.  After having Sugar for a while, we quickly realized that from Sugar’s love we wanted to rescue more bullies and dogs in need. She is survived by her two bully siblings, Peanut and Mike, as well as 3 other furry siblings, Cody, Gus and Sam.

What I will miss most about Sugar is her presence and happiness that filled a room, and of course her wiggling butt! Our lives will never be the same with the absence of our beautiful, happy Sugar.

Thank you for letting me share Sugar’s story.