Tiny Dancer

Tiny Dancer

Please keep Tiny Dancer’s furever family in your thoughts, as they had to say goodbye yesterday.

Tiny Dancer went from puppy mill momma to being a queen when she was adopted by John and Dayna almost two years ago. 

Tiny walked into her new home and let her big fur brother, Moose, know she was going to be the boss. From then on, they would do everything together, from riding with their dad, road trips, swimming and even regular spa days.

Tiny was definitely a favorite of this foster family. She always kept us laughing and absolutely loved to hump Foster Dad (which Foster Momma found hilarious). 

As much as we loved Tiny, we had no hesitation adopting her to John and Dayna. Tiny could not have found a better family. They loved her so much and made sure she had everything she needed. She was treated like an absolute queen and they constantly kept us updated on her antics. 

If love could have saved Tiny, she would have lived forever. 

Today marks my 2 month anniversary in my foster home. And today also is the day I was adopted! Remember this date, 1/18/2020, because it is the best day of my life.

I have come such a long way, from the scared little mill momma I was when I first came to rescue. My life wasn’t great, but all that is behind me now and I am going to live an amazing life with my new mom, dad and my fur brother, Moose.

They told me they would spoil me and always put me and my brother first. I really do love them already. Well, I’m off to enjoy my new life with my big comfy bed and toys.

Hello bulldog family and friends, it’s me Tiny Dancer joining rescue!  At 36lbs it’s probably easy to understand how I got my name.  Life for me has had its ups and downs.  However, from this day forward the only place I will be going is up. I have been told that I am always going to get as much as I want to eat! I am going to have regular bathes! I am going to get my skin infection under control! And I am not going to have any more babies!  And last, but not least I am going to wear bulldog clothes! You know fancy clothes that make me look like a fancy little dancer! Today I sat with Dr. Larsen and told her of my dreams and my plans of having a family that loved me forever.  Dr. Larsen said she felt certain that my dreams would come true and I was sure happy to hear that news.  I am kinda scared when you reach down to pet me and I can make myself flat. Don’t let that concern you because slowly I am learning that lap sitting, and petting are great things and nothing to be scared about.  So, that is all about me right now so I am out of here, headed to have my toenails trimmed and polished with a cool shade of orange for Halloween!  So watch out for Tiny Dancer on Halloween because I will be out trick-or-treating dressed up as a Tiny Ghost  Dancer scaring you and maybe Me!

11/20/19 Update:  I’m tiny and I love to dance. I dance around the yard, the house and your legs. Here’s my problem though: I wasn’t treated very nicely in my past life, so my trust level when you approach me is ZERO. Oh, I’m not aggressive. I am sweet to my core. What I do is lay down and try to sink into the ground until I realize you’re going to pet, not hit me. Once I know that your hand is loving and kind, I’m up on my feet and ready for your lap.Thefear of being hurt is a hard fear to break. They tell me love and patience will fix it and I believe them. I love people and I want them to know that.

I got to have my fall photo shoot this week. My skin has cleared up nicely and my surgeries are all over. It was the right time for this Tiny Dancer to put on her costume and come out on STAGE. This is my first performance since retiring from being a mom. I’m only 3 years old, but I believe I was a mom for two of them. I am a small Bulldog 38 lbs so I couldn’t produce large litters, so I’m told. So, maybe being small is a good thing in some situations!

I had a marvelous time at the shoot! They would take a picture; I would get a belly rub. They would take a picture; I would get a tasty treat. CAN LIFE GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? They make you look beautiful and fill your belly up at the same time. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!

Afterward, they laid on the ground with me and I gave them the privilege of giving the STAR of the photo shoot her last belly rub of the day!

Well, it’s bedtime for me. It’s been a wonderful day for the tired TINY DANCER, but I will always remember today. Elton John said it best: Tiny Dancer – Ballerina – You must have seen her dancing in the sand!

12/10/19 Update:  Question……. do you need a dance partner? Well not to toot my own horn but I have to be the best dancer out there. Not only can I dance but I can also help in the kitchen. Cooking supervisor, dishwasher supervisor, whatever you need. I also have recently decided to trust my foster parents enough to curl up in their laps and take a nap. It is now one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. I am hoping for my own special family for Christmas this year. I am also hoping for some rope toys and Benebones. I love those things—Love Tiny Dancer.