Poor little Trinity crossed the Rainbow Bridge in her sleep. Such a sweet, loving girl will always be mossed.

Welcome little Trinity to Rescue. This week, as you give thanks for your own dogs’ health, please remember to keep Trinity in your thoughts and prayers. After being found as a stray, a Good Samaritan took Trinity in and then worked to get her to us. Trinity is now in the care of one of our expert Bulldog vets. She’s been tested for cancer and may need more than one surgery. We’ll post more details when we can.

Trinity is now recovering in her foster home and is cancer free. She does have scabies and other skin issues. Please keep her in your thoughts as she moves forward on the road to recovery.

1/8/17 Update:  There isn’t anything known about Trinity’s life prior to being found by a few Good Samaritans. They found her wandering the streets and took her in and contacted rescue. Since being in rescue, Trinity has spent weeks at our rescue vet having surgery to remove numerous benign tumors, being spayed and being treated for skin infections. Trinity has been in a foster home where she is fed, loved and has other fur brothers and sisters around. From Trinity’s behavior, it is obvious that she has never been in a home and probably spent her life in a kennel having puppies for someone who didn’t care about Trinity’s health! 

Trinity is learning that end tables are not to be climbed on, sticks (especially the firewood on the hearth) are not to be eaten, and that you shouldn’t follow your foster parents into the shower! Thankfully, in some ways, Trinity is a fast learner and has only had one potty accident in the house. While Trinity is in a foster home with other pups, we believe it would be best for Trinity to be the only dog in a home or in a home with very Bulldog-savvy parents as Trinity does exhibit severe food aggression. She also can be moody at times with the other dogs in the house. Trinity loves sleeping on the couch or a soft dog bed, and she spends most of her day doing just that – sleeping. She still needs to gain weight and heal from her surgeries and days on the streets. In the evening, she seems to come alive and she wants to have all the attention. She has no problem going from human to human to get it. She has shown interest in a toy and will sit and chew on it for quite some time. Trinity needs a furever home where she can continue her journey of learning to be a Bulldog and living the life she was born to live all along! With her, you are guaranteed to be loved like you have never been loved before.

1/30/17 Update:  Trinity continues to improve from her many surgeries and we have not had any table surfing these past few weeks from Trinity!  Progress is being made in the manners department! Yay Trinity.  She still has to learn that her foster family is not an extension of her chew toys.  The good news is she is playing with toys!! It’s so good to see her becoming a pup!! Trinity does need eye drops daily, but she tolerates that with ease!  She’s waiting patiently for her kid-free, fur free family!  She deserves all the love and attention at this time in her life!!

2/27/17 Update:  Trinity had two modes of operation this past week: sleeping or getting into trouble! She has taken to hearth surfing because the end tables have all been moved out of her reach of walking on them. She seems to have become bored with the toys around, as anything on the hearth has been fair game to become a new toy. We are still working on those manners. Trinity thinks it’s best to nibble on her humans to get their attention, even though we have discouraged this behavior. She is just so excited to be in a home that she over steps those boundaries we are trying to set for her. We certainly understand that. We keep working with her with gentle redirection, and enjoy the quiet time when she’s napping. Her skin and coat look better, but it will be months before she completely heals from all the neglect she suffered. She waits patiently for her furever home, where she hopes she’s allowed to table surf.

4/10/17 Update:  Please keep foster girl Trinity in your thoughts. She hasn’t been feeling too well. From her foster momma: We have not sent in an update on Trinity in several weeks. We have been ‘waiting’ to learn more about her health. We know she had a crappy life before rescue. It seems it took more of a toll on her physically than we initially thought, with all of the large tumors hanging on her. One of the tumors is already growing back. 🙁 While we feed Trinity more than our other pups, you can still see her ribs and backbone. This week, she has slept more than usual and she seems to either have allergies from all the pollen or she has a doggie cold because she has some “yuck” coming from her nose. She hasn’t even been table surfing in several weeks. We will be making a vet visit this week.

4/30/17 Update:  Trinity is doing better. She has taken a liking to one of her foster sisters in the home who was also a breeder momma. Trinity will sit with her and groom her. We think they share a lot of history together, in that they were at one time used to produce babies and were not taken care of as long as they were making babies. Both ended up on the streets for some reason. Trinity is still food aggressive, but that is easily managed by not having her in the same room when we are eating! Trinity has learned that beds and couches are more comfortable than table surfing! That’s a win for all of us! While observing Trinity these past few months, we realize her eyesight and hearing are not what they should be. It breaks our heart to know that, while she isn’t an older dog, the neglect she has suffered has aged her tremendously. We have to reel in our anger that someone would use her for making money and discard her, all while not caring about her well being. Trinity wants nothing but to be shown kindness, love and attention. She will roll over and give you her belly anytime you are close to her, as she begs for love and affection. She has come a long way in healing and learning to be a real Bulldog. She deserves a forever home where she can be queen of the house and get all the love, kindness and attention to try to make up for the time she didn’t have those things. Is that your home?

7/11/17 Update:  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared any news about my days with my foster family.  I usually let my foster mom take care of that but I told her I obviously need a new PR manager because I don’t have a furever family, yet!!  My days here in rescue have been really good!  The best days of my life as I get soft beds to nap on and I get food every day!! I do hear something about my manners are better, but I’m not sure what that means.  I like naps and belly rubs and eating.  I am a low energy girl.  I’m told my eye sight and hearing are not what they should be and I need eye drops for my dry eyes, but I also heard that not hearing everything wasn’t bad as I don’t bark when a leaf blows! I like being outside but my foster family makes me come in before I’m ready these days.  Something about the heat they tell me.  I am going to go nap and dream about laying in the sun with my furever family!!  I am seeking a nap loving, sun loving, food loving family of my own! Please apply so we can get started on our life together!  Love to all – Trinity

8/14/17 Update:  I have been so good these past few weeks in my foster home. I haven’t table surfed at all! I am getting along better with all of the other Bulldogs in the foster home, too. I have even shared a bed and a chair with another Bulldog instead of growling at them to make them move so I can be by myself. Besides napping, I would have to say I love eating. I start drooling whenever I know it’s dinner time. I’m still waiting and dreaming of my furever family. I’ve been in rescue quite some time, and I don’t mind being in my foster home because I’m fed and taken care of. I’m just ready for my very own family. – Trin