Please keep Trudy’s foster family in your thoughts… she earned her angel wings. From her foster momma: Brian and I lost sweet Trudy Sunday night. She collapsed around midnight and left a huge hole in our hearts and such a vast silence in our bedroom. I only had time to kiss her once before she was gone. I loved this big beautiful sassy girl so much. She was always smiling! Now she smiles at us from above and I am comforted by knowing without a doubt that I will see my social butterfly again one day. Until then, I will miss her and keep her memory alive by helping give other Bulldogs the great love and happiness she brought to us and everyone she met. Rest in peace, my sweet angel…. you are truly loved.

“Hello, my name is Trudy. Some people call me “Trainwreck” Trudy. You will know why shortly. Do I have a story to tell! I have been passed from person-to-person so many times over the last few years, I have lost count of how many owners I’ve had. You would think that someone would have kept me, or at least taken care of me! But that all changed a few days ago. For some reason, the police came to the house where I was staying in the garage. They knew a Bulldog should not be living like that. So they called another police officer who owns and loves Bulldogs and she came and talked to my owner. At least this owner gave me to the right person! The officer took me to a clinic in the middle of the night. I have been there for three days and have been checked out from head-to-toe. I can’t believe how nice everyone was and how many times they said they loved me. Makes me want to cry! I did not know there were people like this.

I think I am 8 years old. I have bad yeast infections every place a girl can have yeast infections. I have ulcers on both eyes and my lashes scratch one eye all the time. Both ears are infected and hurt. I have a tumor on one mammary gland. Years ago, I hurt my back and it is a little stiff and hurts all the time. I also hurt both my back legs and it is hard to walk. They say I need surgery (ACL, TPLO) on both legs. Do you you now see why I have the nickname “Trainwreck?” But all that is about to change! This nice man picked me up, loved on me and told me I was about to become a princess. He promised me that I would always be loved and cared for and that all my problems would be handled. How can anyone do all that? He said rescue people were the best and people would pray and support me to have all my problems corrected. I can’t wait for you to see the new me!

11/12/17 Update:   I am back from “Fat Camp!” I know that term might not be politically correct, but what else is it called when you’rw put on a D.I.E.T.? Not to brag, but I am down several pounds, and I can actually walk fast now! Don’t know why I need to walk fast. I really have no place to go, but yep, now I can go fast! Every morning I got up and did my stretching with Richard Simmons, followed by my egg white breakfast and then a upper body work out. My morning ended with kick boxing! I am the total hot senior babe now with a 22 inch waist. I have also had some work done on my lady parts ~ some things have been removed, others totally reworked, my eyes were done by a almost plastic surgeon and other than some minor skin problems, I am now 100% new! I even had some dental work done. Richard Simmons says I have another 5 lbs to loose before I “run” the 5K. I am prepared to lose more, but after that, I will NEVER eat another green bean, apple or carrot for the rest of my life! Consider adopting me, please…. I need a family they will help keep me focused on my health, my joints, my little touch of arthritis, and will occasionally let me have a cupcake. I love cupcakes!

11/21/17 Update:  Hey my friends, it’s me Trudy checking in! I am dressed and ready for a party in my new Christmas dress !  I actually went to the store to buy something to wear to a Thanksgiving party and the mean man there said “Why would you want to dress up, your already as fat as a butterball turkey!”

Well let me tell you I told him I HAD been on a diet and he did a deep belly laugh and said it must have been a sea food died because it looks like you eat all the food you see! I stomped out of the store without buying one thing and went home and slipped on my satin “Santa’s Helper” dress and I must say I feel smokin hot! I would like to have a forever family for the holidays, because as you can see I am dressed and ready to go!

12/11/17 Update:  Trudy was so excited to get her very own bag of Christmas goodies with her name on it! She loved everything, especially her Hello Kitty collar and leash! It was HERS and no one else’s and she couldn’t wait to wear it. It made our hearts so happy to see her so excited and surrounded by blankets and treats, Benebones and stuffies that were just for Trudy! Her own stash…… and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and our supporters made it possible. Thank you to all our contributors whose big hearts made it possible for our fosters to have such a wonderful Christmas! We appreciate you and Trudy sends Christmas kisses!

1/7/18 Update:  Trudy is truly a “one-of-a-kind” Bulldog! She has her own little world and agenda and nothing much deters her from it. She likes to stay primarily in our bedroom, but ventures out on occasion to let us know we are too slow with the feeding process or that she needs to go outside. She doesn’t care about the other dogs; she mainly just ignores them. In her world, it is Trudy only! She even came out and took a nap during the cold weekend with foster dad (see pics). We were so thrilled about that! She may be a very “private” girl, but she sure loves attention and love. When we had family over for the holidays, she dazzled them with her good manners and sweet disposition. They all just loved her to pieces. She is a very social girl with humans, but when tired, it’s time to go….. and off she goes to her room. Trudy is about 8 years old and amazingly sweet. She has arthritis in her back and some elbow dysplasia, as well. We plug her full of supplements each day for that and she gets along well. She requires eye drops twice daily, as well as her little brown face and neck cleaned daily, which was a BIG struggle until she realized she got a treat afterward. Now she barks (actually she honks like a goose!) to have it done! Funny little girl! Come to think of it, she waddles like a goose too! She is happy, loving and likes to walk… only if it is her idea, not yours! She decides the duration of the walk and will turn around and go home when she is ready. She is big and bossy and so darn cute! Her name should be Big Fat Fanny from Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls! Are you guys singing along with me yet?Until next time, that’s the 411 on my big girl. Have a great weekend all!

1/21/18 Update:  Miss Trudy has had a very tough couple of weeks. We knew she wasn’t herself, but we thought the cold was affecting her arthritis. Turns out that was not the case. Sweet Trudy had been bitten by a brown recluse on her last breast next to her back legs. We didn’t even know it was there until it was huge and ugly and of course, it managed to rupture before we got her to Dr. Larsen, who was kind enough to help us through a very scary Sunday and Monday morning.

Once we got her to Doc L, we felt so much better. She taught us how to clean and medicate the wound and make Trudy more comfortable. Trudy even got a therapy laser treatment to help in healing. It was a learning experience for both of us, as we had never seen a bite like this before. Twice daily water therapy and surgical wash scrubs each day, combined with a burn medication and wound spray made an incredible difference in just a week! Trudy went back to see Doc L yesterday for another laser therapy treatment (don’t miss her pic with her cool goggles!) and a recheck and all is looking great! She may even be able to staple the wound together next Saturday (Ronnie, get those staple removers ready to roll!).

Trudy made it through all of this like a trooper. She loves her water therapy and can even hop in and out of the tub now! She is amazing and happy and so very sweet and trusting. She was not one to let you near her back end for any reason, but now she knows we are there to help her and has quit feeling the need to make us work for it! I am so proud of her! And, we are thankful for the guidance of Dr. Larsen. We are so blessed to have her! We also are blessed with so many followers who sent kind thoughts and even brought us items to help Trudy! For those of you who know Mike and Judy (he is our photographer at so many events), they were sweet enough to run over to our house with some incredible tree bark from Brazil that has healing properties and can reduce the effects of brown recluse bites. Amazing! We thank them so much! And knowing that these little spiders can be virtually anywhere, I am certainly keeping that stuff handy. Trudy felt so good Saturday that we went to see Auntie Dianne at Puckett’s Nursery on our way home and snuck in some Valentine’s Day pics on her swing! Hehe! And today, Foster Dad caught a video of Miss Trudy being a fussy pants for more treats! She has the most precious personality and I am so happy she is “around the bend” and on the mend. P.S. She has taken three walks today to offset her treat intake!

2/19/18 Update:  Trudy had a blast on Sunday at Cold Beer Company! She loved meeting all the other foster pups and their humans. She loved getting petted by everyone and she loved tasting all the great food (yes, I am a sucker for a sweet face!). Trudy is a social butterfly who wants no more than to love and be loved in return. She is always smiling and happy whenever we have guests or she gets to go out into the world. She knows when it is the weekend and does not want us to leave the house without her! She blocks the doorways and barks at us to GO!

We took her to Petsmart on Saturday just so she could GO, but when Sunday came…..oh, she knew it was party time and I think she rocked it! My fav pic is the group shot with her smiling so wide! She has come a long way from when we first began fostering her. Ronnie reminded me that he nicknamed her “Trainwreck Trudy” because she was such a hot mess when he rescued her, but look at this queen bee now!

She may be an older girl (she is @ 8) with joint and arthritis issues, but she doesn’t let it get in her way of having a good time. She is confident and secure and can be very vocal at times. She knows she is loved unconditionally. When at home, she loves hanging in her crate with lots of cushy blankets and comforters, but she is always free to roam as she pleases. She comes out at her meal times for taste testing and to ensure all is prepared promptly and she totally rules the “under the table” area during human dinner time. She gets along with all her foster brothers and sisters and even likes the cat. As time goes on, she spends more and more time out with the crew, but she doesn’t like to play and doesn’t seem interested in toys. She loves her short walks and saying “howdy” to the neighbors. She has lost some weight and is gaining actual muscle tone. She is just a pleasure to foster. She is loving and sweet and adored. The only thing missing is YOU, her new forever family! Let Trudy show you how “Seniors Rock.”

3/4/18 Update:  Trudy knows when the weekend is here and she knows it’s time for a Trudy Trip!  This girl will mow you down getting to the door if she even thinks you are leaving without her!  This week’s trip was to Home Depot where she made a lot of friends and foster mom got to give a couple of folks the email address to LSBCR.  Win, win!  Trudy is the friendliest girl ever and just wants to be petted and loved on.  She likes to see new things and go new places as long as the trip includes a visit to a store that sells dog treats.  We forgot that part this weekend and she let us know on the way home that she was not happy!  She can be very vocal and was so stinking cute that of course we went to Hollywood Feed and let her pick out some goodies.  All was good then I am happy to report.  She was tired and happy and her tummy was not rumbly anymore.  Trudy is just a big marshmallow fluff looking for love and happiness.  She is walking better, losing a little more weight (I hope) and enjoying her outings.  She loves all dogs, cats and especially people.  She would love to be in a home with someone who is there all day long.  She loves companionship and giving kisses.  She is truly one of the sweetest dogs I have ever seen.  Her eyes will always require twice daily meds for dryness, she does have allergies that are acting up right now and she also has some arthritis in her joints that makes her a little slower at time.  We give her plenty of supplements and a little carprofen occasionally and she is on her way.  She can move plenty fast when food is being prepared!  J  She is gentle with kids but prefers adults.  She is just a little (ok, large) ray of sunshine that will brighten someone’s life with her smile.  She is crate trained (we always leave the door open) and housebroken and ready to begin her new chapter with YOU!

4/15/18 Update:  Trudy sends big, white Bulldog girl greetings and wants everyone to know that she is still looking for her perfect family or person to call her own.

She spends most of her time just chilling in her crate or bossing the food prep process. Trudy loves all things with fur and skin and would rather not take her eye meds twice a day, but she will if a treat is involved. Trudy is very food motivated and gets pretty vocal during human dinner time, but alas, it is not always meant to be, and sometimes Trudy comes away empty handed. Sad times, indeed……. Trudy also is not a fan of the walk, and when she is done, she is done and you can’t budge her without a bulldozer. She will however turn around and take the shortest route back home as quickly as she can. She is sweet and loving and will gladly give you kiss facials if you let her. She loves to go in the car, especially if she gets to meet people and other dogs. She is our social butterfly and loves a good crowd to hang out with. In fact, it is very hard to get out the door on the weekends with Trudy planted firmly in front of it so she doesn’t miss an opportunity to go.

She does have arthritis and has a bit of hard time getting her move on in the mornings, but if it’s something she wants to do, get out of the way! That’s my big girl… Large and in charge! Trudy would love to be home with someone all day. She is good with children both small and large. She is funny and talkative and makes us laugh! If you have room in your life for a sweetheart like Trudy, fill out an application today. You may be the match for her!