Please keep our friend Sandy in your thoughts. Her sweet Valentine earned her angel wings.

Sandy writes: My Valentine died last night in my back yard. It was late when she wanted out, and when she didn’t return, I got a flashlight to look for her. Oh, how I will miss her. My heart hurts that she was alone and not in my arms. Valentine exemplified the saying “stubborn as a Bulldog.” I loved her independent spirit, her curiosity and her calm demeanor. Her attitude was always “I got this.” When she came to rescue about two years ago, her story was that her family had moved and left her tied to the front porch. She was almost 11 at the time, and I knew I wanted to make her final years the best. At 13, she defied the average age for a Bulldog. Yesterday was a very normal day for her. How does normal end so suddenly?

Valentine has been adopted!  (4/15/16) From volunteer Dianne: And there goes my funny Valentine! At the age of 10 and no longer wanted, Valentine was sure thrilled when Sandra and Lilly (formerly known as Zoey in rescue) loved her and wanted her to join their family. Valentine took no time to head to the car to start the second half of her life.

My name is Valentine and I am 10 years old.

I used to belong to a family. I had two parents and five two-legged siblings. But then they moved to Utah. Without me. They said something about Utah being too cold for me, but I was ready to brave the cooler temps. I’m a strong Bulldog, after all. But I guess they didn’t realize that. I was left behind with a family from our church on the day the moving van came. The only family that I had loved and lived with since I was 8 weeks old pulled away and I watched them drive off.

My new momma and I cried. She’s a dog groomer, and while she made me pretty on the outside, I was still sad on the inside. My new momma reached out to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue because she said I was special, and that I needed a special family that loves Bulldogs. I really wanted to move to Utah. In fact, I loved it when it snowed at my house… and I loved to ride in the car. And I loved my family. But I guess they stopped loving me after I got old.

Will you be my new family? Will you be with me for the rest of my forever? I still want to enjoy the world and all it has to offer. I even love kids and other things with fur!