Unfortunately, sweet Victoria passed away at the clinic this week. She had been diagnosed with a condition called “megacolon,” which means the nerves that signal the colon to move her feces were damaged, or she was born that way.

Victoria was going to require a stool softener¬†and a daily enema, so we were working to transfer her to the Bulldogs With Special Needs group. Unfortunately, her body became septic just before we could do the transfer. ūüôĀ

Please welcome 4 year old Victoria to rescue! She could possibly be most precious, beautiful and sweet 30lb bulldog there has ever been!

Surrendered out of love, and needing some medical help, Victoria finds herself¬†in rescue!¬† And Victoria is just fine with that! Victoria had a very nice family that had exhausted all the $$$ they had to help her, and after many trips to the vets,¬† they were just at the end of what they could do.¬†We sat and talked along time, shared ideas and hopes,¬†and that with the right medical care Victoria would be able to be a normal bulldog doing normal bulldog stuff.¬† Long story short, Victoria gets blocked up.¬†¬†Victoria is on a high fiber diet,¬†takes high fiber snacks, and at the end of the day, nothing!¬† Just blocked! A medical mystery?¬† Not sure.¬†But we are off to Dr. W’s, records in hand,¬†and prayers for a answer.¬† Victoria takes a very sad picture, but she is anything but sad!

1/21/17 Update: ¬†We have very sad news about Miss Victoria.¬†Victoria has a condition called “Mega colon.‚Ä̬†¬†The nerves that signal the colon to push her poop out have been damaged, or she was born that way.¬† Dr. W. said she will only survive with a stool softner and a daily enema.¬† Even though she had just left another vet where she had been their 2 weeks having enema’s he said she already has a huge blockage that he¬†is working on.