Sampson’s mom writes: This handsome boy Sampson (formerly Zak) loved so hard and so much, his heart could only last a short 6 years.
Today, we said goodbye to the one that stole everyone’s heart. He never met a stranger and made everyone he met fall in love with him.
We were so lucky to get to love him for the past year and are so thankful to the rescue for letting us adopt him!
Please keep our family in your prayers as we learn a life with out this handsome boy!

It was a joyous weekend for Zak! He met his new forever family that was in love with him after a single wiggle butt.


He has a new fur sister, two skin sisters and parents who can’t wait to shower him with lots of love. So happy for this very sweet boy!

Please excuse my writing as I have never done this before. My name is Zak and I am a big puppy! I’m maybe 4 paws old, IDK I can’t count. I had a wonderful family that taught me to walk good on a leash, sit, shake and how to love. My mom got a thing called cancer and went away, and my dad worked hard making us a good life but I was so very lonely because of his long work days.

We knew a sweet and loved boy like me needed a home with more companionship. So, with tears in my puppy eyes, I kissed my dad goodbye and joined Lone Star Bulldogs Club Rescue!  The uber driver promised I’d get to meet the best Bulldog veterinary team in all the land! I’m excited, but I don’t plan on staying long – paws crossed.

I urge you to get your application in early because I’l be looking for a new home very soon!   Zak

4/17/20 Update:  Hi, it’s me Zak!  Just wanted to let everyone know I arrived safely. I checked in around 1pm yesterday and spent the day hydrating and sniffing out the amenities.

I kicked today day off with some yoga. However, after a few downward dogs later, I accidentally nodded off. I decided I needed a java boost so I called the hotel shuttle and headed to Starbucks for my usual, a triple whip cappuccino, sans cappuccino! I took an afternoon nap in the new dog bed and then I spent the afternoon laying poolside!

I noticed there is a vacant king next to me so I’m not sure why I got a twin. I’m going to speak to the front desk to see if I can use my points to upgrade! I’ll keep y’all posted.