Please keep our friend and furever momma Ashley in your thoughts. Last night, her sweet Zoey earned her angel wings in her sleep. Zoey spent yesterday laying in the sun, getting a tan, having her favorite snacks and making sure she was queen of the house… just as all divas do. She will be deeply missed!

Zoey has been adopted! Zoey always had a home, a forever family, a lady that adored her, and Zoey knew it.  Ashley called Zoey her Spirit Animal, her soul sister, her smaller child with some fur, her reason to rush straight home from work, her everything.  And as a senior Zoey had Ashley’s heart.  Zoey sometime had fur, often not. Zoey has been poked, scraped, tested, retested, looked at under a microscope, bathed in coconut oil, emu oil, massaged, applied sun tan lotion, blood tested, thyroid tested, tested for Cushing’s disease,  and this hair loss has become a medical mystery.  However, to know Zoey is to know this is what makes her one of the cutest, funniest, widest bulldogs around. Zoey owns the sidewalk and the king size bed. Zoey takes her half out of the middle and when you see her coming it’s best to just move to the side because Zoey just keeps on coming. Much happiness Zoey, rescue loves your dearly!

Welcome 4 year old Zoey to rescue. She was an owner surrender in east Texas and is sweet, healthy, spayed, current on shots and a little chunk! Her mom is gone 2-3 nights a week and no longer has anyone to watch her those nights since her son recently died. She loved Zoey after rescuing her from a bad situation 18 months ago, but she knew Zoey needed more than she could provide and she wanted what was best for this little girl.

12/12/16 Update:  Oh, my! She is just a bundle of love! We have nick named her BP for Baked Potato because she is round and warm! She is house trained and crate trained and loves her baths. She will let you know if she needs something by growling at you. Especially if you stop scratching her belly! She likes all the attention which is why she needs to be in an only dog house. Everyone that has met has has just loved her!

12/19/16 Update:  Zoey is still a joy to have with us! She just wants to snuggle all the time. My kids absolutely adore her and always have her with them on the couch watching TV. She just wants to be a part of the family.

1/8/17 Update:  Zoey is a blast! She has such a personality and everyone loves this dog. Zoey LOVES people! She just requires love and long belly rubs. She will let you know when you are finished. She is very protective of the things she loves – her food and her people. She’s a bit unpredictable with other dogs, so I think a one-dog family is going to be best for Zoey. Zoey’s best trick is called the “Stop, Drop and Roll.” She does this when she sees me and this is when she wants her belly rubbed. She really is so much fun!

1/15/17 Update:  Zoey is still such a lover. She loves, loves, loves humans. Other dogs – not so much, so she’ll need to be in a one dog family. We are trying to get her in a little better shape and she loves to be outside and walk. Zoey loves all the good things in life… her food and her people. She is a great snuggler and loves her naps. You can hear her snoring down the block!

1/22/17 Update:  Zoey had an exciting week! She has the house to herself again and she really likes it that way! Zoey continues to let me know she wants the house to herself. Zoey is such a love. Wants to snuggle and just be a part of the family. She will let you know when she is ready for a belly rub – and positions herself just right to make it easy for you. Whatever family adopts this beautiful soul will be very lucky! She is such a character.

1/30/17 Update:  Zoey had a great week. She is my constant companion and loves to snuggle more than any dog I have ever known! She loves sunbathing on the backyard. And long long belly rubs! We love Zoey and can’t wait to see what living family gets her!

2/19/17 Update:  Zoey continues to make us laugh and feel loved. She is the best snuggler! We all call dibs in who gets to snuggle with her on the couch. She is a character! The picture shows how she walked up a small ledge in my backyard and is a little too thick to turn around, so she sat and barked until we came out to get her. We are always laughing at her antics. We love having Zoey with us and can’t wait to meet her forever family!

3/1/17 Update:  Another great week with Zoey! She is just a character and makes for big laughs at our house. Now that the weather is getting a little warmer, we are going to be pushing Zoey to get ALL THE WAY around the block on her long walks. She is a little chunky and we would like to see her shed a few for her forever family. Zoey has the funniest personality. She continues to be right by my side and if I’m not home, she finds another person to snuggle up with to get her daily lovings! Zoey would do better being an only furbaby because she wants all the attention. Zoey will always have a place with us, but we can’t wait to see the lucky family that will adopt her!

3/21/17 Update:  We were out of town and Zoey got to go to her favorite place for the weekend: Country Dog Services! She was our co-pilot both ways! She had a great week since we have been back. She is loving the weather, but still prefers just chilling out on the couch. We love having her but can’t wait to see who is lucky enough to adopt her! She is such a character!

3/28/17 Update:  What a storm! And Zoey wasn’t kidding around! We were moving cars and running around and then couldn’t find Zoey anywhere! She knew where to go! Found her in my closet on a pile of clean clothes! Zoey is as mellow with humans as any bully I have ever been around. Really wants nothing to do with exercise at all. We take our daily walk down the block and back and she usually has a rest about halfway into our walk. She loves being outside and loves to be loved on. Zoey is constantly making us laugh and we always look forward to getting home to her! Can’t wait to see what loving family gets to take her home for good!

4/12/17 Update:  Zoey is something else! She is a Bulldog, through and through! She lets me know exactly what she wants… from NOT exercising to getting more loving! She has mastered modeling and sunbathing!

4/30/17 Update:  Zoey is as mellow as they get (with people). In fact, she’s not too excited about going for walks. She would rather just hang at home and get belly rubs. Who can blame her! She is so much fun and everyone that meets her just loves her. She definitely wants and needs to be the only fur baby in the house. Zoey and I talk about the lucky family that will come and take get to her furever home. She can’t wait to meet you!

5/15/17 Update:  From her foster momma: It was a tough Monday morning for Zoey! She didn’t want to get up. Good news for her: she can go take a big nap for a while. Zoey is awesome! What can I say about Zoey? She just wants to be a part of things. And she really likes being the only thing with fur. Zoey just hangs out with everyone. Out on the patio, she watches TV with the family. She just loves her people! We are walking every day, but keeping Zoey at a steady pace, can be challenging. I can relate! We are waiting for that perfect family that wants a great companion to be a part of their family.

5/29/17 Update:  Zoey is such a character! Anyone that has been around her has loved her and she just wants love by anyone willing to give it. She is a complete snuggler and the definition of a couch potato! She just wants to be near people. Her favorite place is a round rug in our kitchen – it’s her home base. She also loves being outside! We can’t wait to see who gets this special girl!