Ace has found his furever home! 

Ace loves attention, I mean a lot of attention. In fact, he has a whole routine (that he has perfected) when people are around. He shakes everyone’s hand and promptly flips over for belly rubs. When the Cordova family came along, Ace went through his routine and he was immediately surrounded for belly rubs and hugs. It was love at first sight, in fact he tried to follow them to the car that day. 

The big day finally came to move in and Ace is now officially in the Cordova Family with three children and a wonderful family he gets to grow up with!

It was a sad, sad day when I left my home and joined rescue. Tears fell like rain when my mom told me goodbye. Actually, we both cried.  I kept holding up my paw giving her a high 5. But this was a decision that we both felt needed to be made. 

My mom just had a baby and things were different now. The baby is a lot of work, cries a lot and doesn’t sleep through the night. And I’m a baby too and I felt like I needed just as much attention as the new baby. Well, in fact, I felt like I needed more attention.

But, let’s face it, there are only so many hours in a day and my mom is really tired now. My mom loved me enough to let me join rescue so they can find me a family who needs a lot of Bulldog love. 

I love other dogs and I can really chase a cat. I need a little surgery to help me lose that loving feeling, and maybe a little eye lid tweaking, but I’ll know more once I sit with Dr. Larsen and she reviews my medical history. 

I’m ready to start my rescue journey and I know my mom will be watching my journey on Facebook too. I’m ready to find that perfect family who needs an Ace… and Ace like me!

4/29/22 Update:  Ace is a big boy and absolutely gorgeous! Nice manners and likes a good hand shake. He has been a great house guest. He’s a little bossy with other dogs but every day he is feeling more comfortable. He still needs a visit with Dr. Larson but he will be available for adoption soon.

5/12/22 Update:  Ace is recovering from a respiratory infection, but that hasn’t kept him down for long. 

He tolerates the other boy dogs, but is a huge fan of the girls (poor foster girl Mila). 

I’m hoping his next visit with Dr. Larsen, which involves a couple of snips, will change that. 

He’s an even bigger fan of his people, though. He loves to hold his hand out for a little loving and follow us around. 

He already has some great manners: potty trained, some commands (e.g., sit), gentle when taking food from you and leash trained. If you’re looking for a big ol’ hunk of love, Ace may be your boy! 

5/18/22 Update: Ace will be visiting Dr. Larsen this week, but applicants are being considered for him now so he’ll have a home once he’s ready. In the meantime, he wants you to know it’s time for a snack!