Angus has been adopted! From his foster momma: The day has come: the Big Angus found his forever home. He found a wonderful couple and they fell in love with each other at first sight. He was so excited and seemed to know why these nice people were there. We have had visitors at our house before, but he never interacted with anyone the way he did today with his new mom and dad. We gathered all his things and he jumped right in the car like it was meant to be… They loved his name, so Angus’ name will remain Angus. We are so happy for the hunk of a boy, and can’t wait to see his future journeys. Good luck, buddy.

Please welcome 6 year old, owner surrender, Angus to Rescue. Angus’s family had many changes going on and decided it was best for Angus to find a home better suited for him. LSBCR was happy to step in and make sure that happens. Stay tuned for more information on this great boy!

3/27/26 Update:  We have had Angus for about a week now, and this big boy is an absolute doll! He gets so excited when we come home ~ he grabs his toys and just runs like a maniac throughout the house. He also gets along great with our other dogs. We haven’t figured out if he is hard of hearing, or if he just has Bulldog selective hearing. We have noticed a few noises and sounds he does not respond to. But you put food in his bowl, and boy, he can hear that from a mile away! He is potty trained and will scratch at the door when he wants out or back in. He is just a big ol’ clown that loves to play!

4/11/16 Update:  This boy is just perfect! He is the sweetest love bug, and just wants to play ball and fetch all the time. He does still, however, have a hard time breathing, if he gets to winded, so we have to keep the play time short. At the Mutts Canine Cantina event, he had to take breaks out of the heat often, because of his breathing. He is our little shadow here at the house, and wants to be close to you at all times. He is the perfect guy for anyone who likes to lounge on the couch, and have a little “crazy” play time every now and then.

5/1/16 Update:  This big guy is just the best. He is so playful, and gets so excited when we come home from work. He runs circles around the house, and then follows you everywhere you go. He really makes coming home sweet to see him greeting you with his toy and his happy dance. He loves spending time at the front door just gazing out the window. He loves to play fetch and tug a war, and likes to make a lot of noise playing. But don’t let this fool you… He is the biggest baby ever! We call him the big ol’ baby because his feelings get hurt, and it shows! The ones thing that hurt his feelings and makes him pout the most is his nose butter! Ha! He will wear his heart on his sleeve after it is applied, and he will give you the worst stink eye, and hide. He is a pitiful sight when his feelings are hurt let me tell you! He is such a stinker, and such a good boy. We have had zero accidents in the house, and he will let you know when he needs out. He would be a great companion with kids or other fur babies that love to play.


5/8/16 Update:  We have good news a brewin’ for Angus. While our hearts are full of joy, we are also going to miss this big boy. The family who has chosen our boy seems amazing, and we hope when they meet, it is love at first sight! Angus is such a great boy, and he has stolen a big piece of our hearts. His foster pops is proud that Angus may be going to Aggie Land! WHOOP!! We just love this big guy.