We are so excited that Apple found her forever home! Story and pics to follow.

I am 7 months old and I have loved everyone that I have met so far! I have met several Bulldogs and a few cats. I have met young kids, big kids and I have sat in a few laps at the clinic. Dr. Larsen was the first one I met and I jumped right up on her table so she could take a closer look at me. And just as I suspected, she said I was perfect!

If you’re wondering why I am here… well, the dynamics of my family changed. I was home alone a lot and I was living in an apartment. I really wanted to take walks, have a yard and see other dogs. You could say I was miserable and my family knew that I needed more than they could give me.

So, just like that, my family did what was right for me. They let me join rescue so I could find an active family that could play with me, take me on walks and let me be a part of their family.

At 7 months I have a lot of learning to do, like walk not run and sit not leap through the air, but I am ready to learn all that stuff. And I heard Dr. Larsen say I am a really smart dog, so learning will not be that hard for me.

4/3/19 Update:  Miss Apple is a pup extraordinaire….a very sweet girl.  She loves to play with her people and other dogs.  Very athletic with lots of energy.  Still working on her manners, but she is making progress.  Very food aggressive, I feed her separately with meals and treats.  I think the poor thing was starved by prior owner.  Working with her but this mindset seems to be well entrenched to the point that she snaps at your hand if you are near the food bowl or treats…  She is a good pup, will make a family a good dog.