April Bella

April Bella

Yesterday was a special day for two reasons.
1. It was April Bella’s 2nd birthday!
2. April Bella’s birthday wish came true. She received the best gift of her own family!

April Bella is such a special girl. She went from being scared of people (women, mainly) to being a sweet, loving girl.

It has been so amazing to see some of this transformation.

April Bella now has a mom, dad and also a handsome fur brother named Roscoe. When April Bella and Roscoe met for the first time, they played and played and played until they just couldn’t play any more!

April Bella now has the perfect family for her and we couldn’t be happier.

Happy trails, beautiful girl

My name is April and I am 40 pounds of boundless energy. But I am still a puppy and will not be two until this summer. I have always lived with my dad, but I think I might have driven him crazy. He said he just couldn’t take the constant activity anymore. After a lot of talking and crying we decided that it would be best if someone had me who could give me more time, and help in my training.

Like many Bulldogs, I have had some skin issues. But other than that I am in good health. I am shy around strange people or places and it takes me a bit to warm up and get comfortable. I sometimes act out because I need someone to teach me how to keep my puppy energy under control. I’ve never walked on a leash very much, but I do know to go outside to do my business.

I’m going to hang out at the clinic for a few days for my spay and to get my skin better. Then I will be looking for that new home my dad promised me I would find. Do you think you would be a good match for an active gal like me.

5/20/19 Update:  April really doesn’t like her name. She was originally Bella, so we call her Bella April a lot. She responds more to that. She is just a very active love bug. She missed out on some much needed training in her early life, so we are trying to make up for lost time. With Bella April it is easy because all she wants to do is play with you and please you.

5/26/19 Update: Guess what? I moved into my foster home a few days ago and I am loving it! Let me tell you a few things about me:

1. I am very shy when I first meet you. Don’t worry though because it doesn’t take me long to warm up to you and smother you in kisses.

2. I have never really been out much, so when I leave the house I am a bit scared. Foster Mom and Pops are working on this with me and hopefully my new family will continue to help me.

3. I really like to play. I am young and still have lots of that puppy energy, so I would love it if my new family would include me in their lives and play with me a lot.

4. I like playing in the pool and sprinklers. It is SO MUCH FUN!

5. I am learning my manners. I am trying my hardest to not jump up, but seriously, once I get to know you, I want to show you how much I like you.

6. My potty training is going well. I had a few little accidents, but let’s just say I was pretty nervous when I first moved in, so let’s just forget about those and move on.

I really hope there is a family out there who is patient and willing to work with me. I really am super sweet once I get to know you and Foster Mum and Pops say I am a very good girl.

Anyway, I am going to share some pictures of me. Just warning you, I am super cute.