Ariel (now Zorii)

Ariel (now Zorii)

Ariel has hit the jackpot!  She got adopted today by the most amazing family.  She now has a fur brother, 2 skin brothers and a skin sister, not to mention an amazing new mom and dad.  When they met this weekend, Ariel turned on the charm and climbed right up into their arms and let the hugs and snuggles commence.  We are so excited for her! She has come a long way since joining the rescue and will continue to flourish for many years to come:)

I joined rescue earlier in the week, but I was really felling bad, so I have just been lounging around. I felt tired and just really didn’t want to move. I thought I just was having a touch of the flu; however, when Dr. Larsen went in to spay me, it was discovered I had closed pyometra, which is a infection in my lady parts. That explains why I just felt bad. If it had not been treated, it could have been deadly. Thank goodness I am spayed now and recovering quiet nicely. I got up this morning and put on a new sweater because of the sudden cold front. I have never really worn clothes before, but I really think I like them! I am still not feeling well enough to take a long walk, but I am getting better every day. I am 3 years old and I describe myself as very shy. I have lived with other dogs and kids, and I love everyone. My friends at the vet clinic are teaching me to walk on a leash. So far, that is not going so good, but I am willing to learn. I am not a big lady (38 lbs) and I prefer to be carried. Please watch for me in the coming weeks as I get to feeling better every day.

10/28/19 Update: You haven’t heard from me since I joined my Rescue family, because I’ve had a few medical issues.  I’m feeling much better now so, I thought I would like to tell you more about myself.

When I came to Rescue, I was very sick.  I was diagnosed with Pyometra,  which is fatal to females if not taken care of soon enough.  Dr. Larsen caught it immediately and I was rushed into surgery.  She saved my life!!!  My other issue was a large ulcer on my right eye.  It had been there a long time and caused damage that could not be repaired.  After I regained my strength from my first surgery, I had my second surgery for my eye removal.  I have now had both ends fixed, feeling great and I am ready for my new life!!!!!
I am 3-years old and been a breed girl for 2 of those years.  I guess I was a baby having babies.  That’s all I’ve known is kennels and babies, but that has all changed and I get to have my own life now. Maybe with a battle scar here or there, but my own life.  Yes, I only have one eye, but don’t feel sorry for me.  I see more of life now with one eye then I did with both eyes for the last three years.  I see people, lots of people, who love and care for me.  I see treats, food and fluffy beds.  I see the sun and grass now that I’m out of a kennel. Most of all I see what being a bulldog is suppose to be like.  So, one eye is just fine with me.
I’m still a little shy.  I’m beautiful, sweet, quite and love for someone to pet me.  I’m doing much better on my leash, now that I know what one is.  My shyness will probably go away after I learn to trust all these new things I’m finding in the world.  I may always be a quite girl.  I’ve been through a lot in a short time, so time will tell.
In my new life, with my new family I would like for them to have some of the new things I have found.  A yard, so I can lay in the sun, a couch so we can cuddle, a car so I can ride and see the world, treats and lots of food (because I’m a Bulldog), but most of all LOVE.  I just can’t get enough of that last one!  Well, I got to go.  It’s treat time!  Ariel

11/15/19 Update:  I moved into my foster home and I’ve had the best week. I don’t think I’ve had a human treat with kindness or love until I joined the rescue, and now I can’t get enough. I spent the first couple of days hiding in the corner and shaking, but with lots of patience and love, my foster parents managed to get me to relax and explore the house. I have even taken to joining them on the couch to watch TV and sit on their laps. I really am starting to understand that this is what life should be like.

I have two fur foster siblings, one is Tory Burch (alumna). They have been very nice to me, and we get along great. There haven’t been any disagreements at all.

I still need drops for my eye… notice I used the singular and not the plural. I only have one eye, but trust me, I can see my food bowl and your lap just fine. My skin is perfect and my coat reminds some people of butterscotch pudding.

I am working really hard at learning to do my business outside. It makes foster mom so happy when I go outside that I will keep up the good work. Honestly, I just like the treats I get when I go outside, but don’t tell her that.

There is this really large blue thing in the middle of the yard that I am not going to go anywhere near again. See, there is a cover on it and I thought that I could walk across it, well, I am pretty great, but even I can’t walk on water. That scared me and my foster parents enough that I just give it a really wide berth. The staircase also has been a bit of a challenge. I think I would prefer a one-story home, so I don’t have to worry about the stairs.

Other than that, things are really working out here. I have been told that I am the sweetest dog ever.

11/20/19 Update:   I wanted to share this picture that my foster mom took of me and my foster sister Tory Burch. We had a great time this past weekend in the RV at Lake Grapevine. I amazed everyone when I learned how to go up and down the stairs all by myself. Every day brings something new and I am actually smiling.

12/18/19 Update:     I have been really getting used to this life of leisure and comfort. I even got a couple of new toys, and boy, do I love them! Sometimes I just throw them up in the air and toss them around the room with excitement. I hope Santa brings me more toys, but most of all I hope he finds a forever home for me. I’d really like a family with another dog, as I really like to snuggle and I’m good at sharing my bed. I am just a sweet as can be, and really love to sit on your lap and fall asleep in your arms. I’ll be leaving some cookies out for Santa. I just hope I don’t get hungry in the middle of the night and eat them before he arrives.