Aster has been adopted! Story and photos pending.

Yesterday was a good day. No, wait… it was a great day! 

I was found wondering the streets last week. I was sleeping in front yards, just hoping someone would help me. 

Apparently, someone called the cops and said I was being aggressive. A nice cop showed up and there I was circled up in the grass. I greeted her and I may have gone for her hands, but you know what? I was hungry. I didn’t mean any harm. Once I ate, I showered her with kisses and wiggles! 

The nice people at the shelter checked me over and guess what? I have a chip. I am registered and someone loves me. 

They made the phone call and learned I have a mom. She said I had been stolen about a year ago and she was so happy and that I was found. 

And then we waited and waited. But she didn’t come to get me. The nice shelter lady even stayed way late thinking she was just stuck in traffic. Still, my mom never came. 

I sat there day after day and finally the shelter lady said, “You know what, Aster? We are going to give you a better gift.”  

They called rescue and the rescue wagon rolled up! 

I am Aster. I am a senior lady and I am very thankful that I will have a warm bed and a full belly this Thanksgiving. 

I’ll be off to meet Dr. Larsen and her staff after the holidays and since I’m a little lady (and too skinny) at 35 pounds, I will fit in her lap.

12/13/21 Update:   Aster and Figgy are the sweetest and loving pups! 

Aster is a senior who does not act like a senior. She oozes energy, in a good way. She sits, shakes and gives an abundance of kisses! She is house trained with the occasional potty in her sleep. 

2/5/22 Update:   Meet the adorable Miss Aster. Nine is just a number that means nothing to her. According to Dr. Larsen this beautiful little girl plays and moves like a four or five-year-old, and foster mom agrees.  She trots everywhere at high speed like an energizer bunny.

Aster may have been picked up from a shelter by our rescue, but she knows how to live in a home. She does her business outside, plays nice with the resident fur babies and loves belly rubs. Cuddles and kisses are her specialty. This sweetheart will have lots of years in her life, and lots of life in her years.

3/22/22 Update:  Aster here and I want you to know that my motto is “never give up.” I recently met two different families looking to add a bulldog to their family. Both families had young, long legged dogs who were not bulldogs. The dogs were very playful, and they wanted to play chase. I did my best to keep up, but then I had breathing problems. Foster mom made me stop running, but I never gave up.

I can keep up with another bulldog any day, and I love to wrestle and play chase. It’s hard to believe that at my age I’m so active. I’m also beautiful and well mannered if I say so myself. Come meet me this Saturday and see for yourself. Hope to see you soon!