Athena and Randi were adopted today !! They will be loved and cherished forever! The girls felt right at home the first time they visited their new family. The girls had new beds waiting for them as soon as they got there. The girls climbed into their beds and had no problem dumping on their Foster Parents. We could not be happier for them.

Hi, everybody! My name is Athena, like the goddess. I hitched a ride with my friend Maple and we hit the road all the way from south Texas to join rescue. We rode in several cars and traveled a long time. But I got loved on more in two days that in my entire life. I was given a nice warm bath and all those nasty fleas just fell right off.

I am four years old. I have a few bare spots on my skin where my fir is missing. It is because I have been neglected for so long. My eyes, ears and tail need some work too. But I just love being around people and I also like being around other dogs. We can have more fun together, and I get lonely when no one is around.

I’m at the vet spa getting checked out and made beautiful again. A goddess has to keep up her appearance. Then I will be conducting interviews to see I can be matched with. But you will have to treat my like the goddess I truly am.

9/25/18 Update:  Foster girl Athena has left the building… the vet’s office, that is… 😄 She got her stitches removed and now she’s gaining weight and her confidence. We know she’ll bloom in her foster home.

9/30/18 Update:  Foster Mom says that pictures don’t do me any justice. I am just beautiful. If you touch me, you won’t be able to help yourself and you will have to hug me… big time! But please don’t hug me too tight. I know Foster Mom can’t help herself either, but geez…. There’s so much loving here! I’m being spoiled like I need to be.

I am being a really good girl. I am looking for a forever home that will love me the way that I am used to now. I need that and Foster Mom says I deserve to be loved! I like to play and I like toys too. I get along with the other fur brothers and sisters. I don’t chew on anything. I go outside like I am suppose to. I am beautiful so I don’t know what else you are looking for. I can’t cook you breakfast, but I could help you eat it! I am looking for my loving family. I know you are out there. I hope you get this message. I’ll be here waiting with Foster Mom.