Atticus has been adopted! He was literally jumping up & down when his parents came to pick him up. He will be spoiled by his parents and have fun playing with fur sisters.

After wandering the streets, someone was kind enough to take me to a local shelter. I’m so glad they helped me.

I’m having a hard time because I can barely see and hear. My ears are both swollen and infected, and my eyes are a dry mess with all kinds of green stuff in them. One eye also has a very bad ulcer.

I’ve run into wire fences because I don’t see them. I’ve missed a few doorways and ran into walls. I also have trouble going up or down steps. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t find my way back home? Or maybe that’s why someone dumped me? No one knows. With these health issues, I’m kind of glad no one found me in the shelter. Now that I’m in rescue, I can get all the vet care I need.

I don’t think I’ve seen a vet in a very long time, but today, I visited with Dr. Larsen and her staff. They were all so nice and caring. They found that I also have a few bare spots on my skin and that I need some dental work. Otherwise, I think I’m in pretty good shape. I may be about 7 years old, but I still love to play with people and can even get a little mouthy.

Stay tuned to watch me on my journey to healing and feeling even better. I would love to come play with you!

7/29/20 Update:  Atticus is such a wonderful bulldog! This big guy loves to play and be part of the family. He tends to play a little rough, so we recommend a family without small kids. He has a tough time with his eyesight, and is on a couple different eye drops. He doesn’t really like getting the drops, so that can be a little tricky.

Atticus gets along well with the other dogs in the house, and he does very well in a crate. His house training it also quickly improving, however, the first couple days in our house, he was sure to mark everything as often as possible.
He also wanted to show off his new P-Dawg harness! Doesn’t he look handsome?
8/25/20 Update:  Atticus is having a great time here in his foster home. This BIG guy loves to snuggle and be part of the family. He is getting better at allowing us to give him his eye drops, but still strongly dislikes this activity.
Atticus is smart, gets along well with other dogs, and does very well in his crate. His perfect family will not have any kids in the home, and also have plenty of experience dealing with eye issues.  Stay tuned for more updates on this wonderful bulldog that has so much love to give.
9/12/20 Update:  Foster boy Atticus knows how to spend a chilly, cloudy morning: snuggled up to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Maggie Mayflower.
11/30/20 Update:  Atticus is relaxing after a busy holiday weekend. He’s a very sweet, obedient boy. He needs a family who is skilled with eye drops or willing to learn, as he will be on eye meds for life.
12/12/20 Update:  Atticus continues to be a very laid-back guy who loves to hang out on the couch. He’s also very good in the crate. All we have to do is crinkle the treat bag and he runs to his crate, ready for bedtime. He also enjoys a good bath.
12/24/20 Update:  Atticus is a great guy and a big teddy bear… or polar bear, as we call him. He’s a couch potato looking for a loving home of his own. He’s a goofy guy who enjoys snuggling with both humans and other dogs.
12/29/20 Update:  Atticus had a great Christmas relaxing with his foster family!  He’s a great snuggler, but doesn’t like you to be on your cell phone during snuggles. He needs all the attention!
1/5/21 Update:  Atticus is such a great guy. He just loves to relax on the couch with his foster family. He’s able to see well enough to get around the house and the yard, and requires eye drops twice daily.
2/11/21 Update:  The sexy Atticus had a great week. Not only is he playing more with the other dogs, he’s actually initiating play, which he’s never done before! He’s also more playful with humans as well.
3/2/21 Update:  Atticus is still looking for his forever home. He’s a good guy, who just needs eye care a couple times a day. He’s very laid-back and sweet. He gets along well with all other dogs.
4/13/21 Update:  Atticus is a great guy who’s had a hard life. He was found roaming the streets of Dallas last summer and has been in rescue ever since. He gets around very well, especially considering he’s mostly blind. We love him so much, but know he deserves a family of his very own. Will you be the lucky one who gets to adopt him?