Benson has been adopted!  Benson finally found his furever home! He packed up his stuff and is taking a trip to Austin. He loved his new parents, Keith and Janet. As soon as they walked through the door, he was racing to get to them. This relaxed fellow was all about his new mom. The great thing is the calm home he will enter. I’m sure his personality will come out more. He seeks affection and loves cuddle time. We will miss you sweet, Benson.

Please welcome Benson to our rescue family! He was found as a stray in the Keller area, and we’ve been unable to find his family. He’s now receiving vet care, so we can get him back to 100 percent!

4/18/18 Update:  My name is Benson and I’m on an adventure. It started a month ago when I was found as a stray. I might have been lost or accidentally gotten out. Well, it’s OK now because I am in search of my furever home.

In my current foster house, I have my own room. Oh and I hit the jackpot on my suite. It has four media recliners I can lay across that has blankets. I love to lay out my paws and take naps. I have a TV I can watch all day and water on tap. Mmmm, this is the life. However, I am looking for a family that would allow me to be their everything. I get along with other pups as long as they don’t take my toys. I will constantly sit next to you. I don’t even jump on you because I have manners. Going potty outside is the thing I always do right. I can play fetch, but I don’t like to give the ball back to anyone. Lol I am working on that still.

Anyways, I am off to get some sun on this soft coat. Please put in an application and maybe you can meet me!

5/12/18 Update:  Chapter two is in the books! Since we talked last, I have enjoyed myself. Foster pops has been on staycation with us and I have explored “The land of the garage.” He was redoing it from what I heard.

Some new family members came over for me to meet. They, of course, loved me. What can I say? I am so loveable. Some of my other foster brothers and sisters were spazzing out meeting them. I knew the way to stand out was being calm and collected. I was right because the others got put back in the house while I got to mingle and enjoy the breeze. I was bummed when my TV went out in my room. Apparently, my foster sister Blue Bell chewed up an important wire. Kids will be kids, I guess.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with me. I’m way past the chewing phase. I enjoy lounging around in the house, personally. Don’t get me wrong… I am still up for chasing balls, if you throw them. Good luck on getting them back from me I heard we are getting a new couch in our living room soon. Oh, I can’t wait to snuggle with my foster parents. If you want to meet me, please put in an application and maybe we’ll be matched. Can’t wait for my next adventure!

6/9/18  Update: Chapter 3 has been amazing! It starts off in my foster home. My two foster sisters, Layla and Mystic, have been keeping me company. We get to camp out together every night lately. It’s so nice to lounge around with them. Being an easy going guy has its benefits with these ladies. I get plenty of kisses from them. We all get to explore the backyard together. They have showed me some of their hiding places. It’s funny because they make Foster Pops go get them sometimes. I really think they get a kick out of making him play Marco Polo. Except they don’t say Polo… LOL. I have loved our new couch and can snuggle next to Foster Maw now. I have heard I may have a possible “Meet and Greet” this week. I’ll be so excited if it really happens. They tell me I might get butterflies with my potential furever family. Foster Pops said he is going to give me a spa day tonight, so I’ll look my best. Crossing my paws that we have plenty of hugs and kisses. Can’t wait to tell y’all about chapter 4 next week.

8/1/18 Update:  Checking in from my 4th adventure! My foster parents went on vacation and I got to stay at boarding. It was so much fun there. We got our own huge area for lounging. It was kept at a cool 67 degrees. Mmmm… felt like heaven. I’m told this was only because our foster house has had issues with the A/C lately. It’s all good now, though. While at boarding, we had a massive area for playing. I got to meet so many other pups. I was happy though when my foster parents brought me home because I love me some cuddle time. The first few days back, I wouldn’t leave their side. I showed them these beautiful eyes and the loving ensued.