On Sept. 28, 2018, Bernadette’s life changed forever. Bernadette was found wandering in a strange part of town with no clue where to go, especially considering she only had one eye and limited vision in the other. Clearly, she had litters of puppies in her past. But now it seemed she was no longer wanted or needed.

When the shelter called us about her, they referred to her as “a throw-away dog, an old one, an ugly one with only one eye.” I could feel my blood boil. Who says things like that when they are trying to get a dog out of the shelter alive? Not only did she only have one eye, she was covered in filth and fleas. Her skin was on fire from infection and she weighed only 31.8 lbs. I thought she would be in our program forever.

Fast forward to today, Feb. 16, 2019, Bernadette is celebrating another big day… her adoption day! She no longer is the starving Bulldog… the one who would hide in a corner, the one who would run into walls, furniture and other Bulldogs. Eye meds helped Bernadette regain some vision. Medicated baths and medicine helped Bernadette’s skin and little, fuzzy hair to grow. Bernadette moved herself out of the corner, onto the couch and she became a part of the foster family.

Last week, Kenna, who adopted Pippa called and said she and David had been talking about Bernadette. She said they decided they would like to add her to their family. I was soooo excited that Bernadette would soon be moving to a beachfront home and would be joining another one of my favorite foster dogs, Pippa.

Of all the Bulldogs, Kenna and David chose to adopt Bernadette, the so-called throw away dog who no one wanted. What compassionate people they are to look past Bernadette’s imperfections and see a wonderful, beautiful Bulldog.

Bernadette now weighs about 55 lbs. The old Bernadotte is gone. The new one will run, chase a ball and drag everything left on the floor into her bed and lay on it. She’ll also crawl up in your lap if you sit still long enough.

Much love was sent with Bernadette today, as she started her new life with some pretty amazing people!

My name is Bernadette. Bernadette is a German/French name that means “brave as a bear.” That’s me! I have had to be brave to face the world each day. I lost an eye, but it’s been so long ago I don’t remember how. But I recently found myself in a shelter and no one seemd to want to take me home. But then this nice man showed up, hugged me and told me everything would be alright.

So here I am at the vet clinic. I got a nice warm bath. What gal doesn’t enjoy a little pampering? I have lots of skin issues so I hear I will get lots more warm baths! I also have an ugly thing hanging down from my belly. And there are some other issues that need to be addressed. I’ve been neglected for a long time.

I am eight years old and very underweight (32 lbs.). It will take me a while to be where I want to be, but I will get there. My name is Bernadette and I know how to be brave like a bear. I will never give up fighting until I am adopted and safely home in the arms of a loving family.

11/27/18 Update:  I am going to see Santa at the mall today. I need to tell him that all I want for Christmas is my very own family. I hope he brings me one because I have been such a good girl this year …. despite the fact I was picked up by animal control and my family never came for me. But, my health is so much better now! I started gaining weight, my skin is looking better and I am happier. I had some needed surgeries, I have meds for my good eye, and life for me is good ~ except I still want a family of my own. Hopefully, I can pack my Christmas dress and join a family that loves a beautiful Bulldog like me.

1/29/19 Update:  Bernadette skin cytology is back. She has no mites, staph or yeast. She has a bacterial infection. Dr. Larsen asked me to change laundry detergents, and use something mild for a baby. The only place that is red is the area she lays on a blanket. The doc sent her home with a salve, like you would use with a baby, and some antibiotics.