Biscuit (now Zanobi)

Biscuit (now Zanobi)

Biscuit and Thelma have been adopted! From their furever momma: Today, on BDTV, we’re going to answer that question you all have had. Whatever happened to Thelma and Biscuit. Last week, the one formerly known as Thelma, new alias of Zita (Italian meaning small woman) loaded up for a journey. Little did she know she would be an accomplice to busting Biscuit, now Zanobi Biscuit (Zanobi meaning power and mischievous), out of the clinic where he was being held “hostage.” Seems he’d gone in for some surgery. Our sources confirm it had nothing to do with an alias or changes to his appearance.

Both loaded up and headed west, where they will resume their new identities and new lives in hopes of eluding authorities. We’re told their new lives will begin in the Fort Worth area. At last report, Zanobi Biscuit is resting. He gains a new Bulldog brother, Capone, and of course his accomplice Zita, aka Thelma, who’d been in foster for nearly a year. Both newly adopted kids said they were thrilled with the new opportunity and chance for a new start.

Please welcome Biscuit to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! He writes: Attention, attention… it’s me, Biscuit, and I am a new arrival to rescue. I think that I am going to love it here! Even though I had breakfast at home before I came, I ate again. This time I had a sausage and egg biscuit because someone laid their breakfast on the top of my crate and like a ninja, I pulled it through the wire and their breakfast became my breakfast! It was awesome. The look on their face was priceless!

Now, let me tell you about myself. I am 11 months old ~ my birthday is April 3 and I will be a year old! Yep, one full year. And like any toddler, I am very active, very social and very smart. I am learning (STILL learning) that my teeth are for my toys, not the furniture, shoes or kids’ toys. I must say at 11 months old, I see the world as one big toy that needs a chew or two! I am learning that the bathroom is outside and I must say I am doing amazing. But, you may want to keep me tethered to you while I am walking around the house because you know toddlers… we can sometimes get a little carried away. So, that basically tells you a little bit about myself, but there is soooooo much more to discover.

So, if you like gorgeous with a little bit of naughty mixed in, you just might love me. I am perfection all wrapped up in 42 lbs of white fur.