What a happy day for me today.  I found my forever home and as soon as I heard the news I grabbed my leash and said LET’S GO…I’m ready to start my new life with a forever mom and dad, skin brothers and a fur sister.  I will be living on a farm with ducks and a pond and plenty of room to run and play to work off my puppy energy.  I am so excited I just couldn’t contain myself.

I am really grateful to LSBCR for taking me in and helping me to find a new home.  I’ll be safe and warm and loved, getting plenty of snuggles, kisses and treats.

Off to my forever home


Things that make you go hmmmm….. This is one of them. And it’s a true miracle of survival.

This is Brix. Brix was found on Wednesday, sitting in a parking lot of a business closed due to the snow. The temperature that day was 18 degrees. It was snowing hard and everyone in the Metroplex had been warned to stay home and, as you can imagine, bring our pets inside.

For sure, Brix did not drive himself to this parking lot. So what kind of person would abandon a Bulldog in a plastic crate, make him sit there in his poop and pee in the freezing snow and expect the dog to be found alive? I truly just don’t get it.

Brix is maybe 1 year old. He’s not neutered and smells like yeast , but he’s as cute and sweet as they come.

Many thanks to the local animal control for cleaning him up, keeping him safe and contacting our rescue group.

A much better life is ahead for you, sweet Brix, and shame on the horrible people who threw you away.

3/8/21 Update:  You may remember that I was found in a crate, in a parking lot on the coldest day of the year. Well, now I’m in my foster home, soaking up some rays with my new bud, Hemi. He’s showing me the ropes on foster life and I’m just relaxing and enjoying myself. He told me cute faces and puppy stuff will get me what I want.

I’m about 1 year old and FULL of energy. I love to run and play because I’m basically still a puppy and that’s what puppies do!

So far, Foster Mom and Dad have been really good to me. I’ve met a couple of the other resident dogs and we all seem to get along, except I like to play a lot and haven’t learned what boundaries are yet. Did I tell you I was a puppy? I’m still learning about all this stuff.

My forever home will need to be an active family, maybe with some skin and fur siblings so I can work out my energy. I will need someone who understands how a Bulldog puppy can get into mischief.

Well, gotta go run and play some more! Enjoy the sunshine.

3/19/21 Update:  Brix boy continues to enjoy his foster home and non-stop play sessions with his foster brother. There is nothing those two boys will not try nor explore.