Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Sweet Mr. Bruce found his forever family this weekend. He hit the road and moved a few hours south. He is blessed with a mom, dad and a 6-year-old Bulldog sister, Sally. Happy trails, Mr. Bruce. Your foster family will miss you, but we look forward to hearing about all your adventures.

I came from a family that had always had Bulldogs and I was happy as I could be… Then, guess what? The woman in the family had a baby and for a year and half, there was trouble in paradise.

The baby had allergies and after some testing, it was determined I was the cause. Can you believe that? My dander and I made the baby itch, welt up and sneeze! I was always there to say, “Bless you” after the sneeze, but even that did not make her feel better.

My family and I came to a mutual understanding that someone needed to go, either the baby or me. I raised my paw and said, “Let it be me.”

I will be 3 this summer and at this age, I’m OK with finding another family who doesn’t feel the urge to sneeze every time I come around.

I sat with Dr. Larsen today and she said I looked fabulous, but I needed a little surgery to take care of that loving feeling. She also noticed I was having a hard time breathing and that palate surgery was most likely in my future. That’s fine with me. I need to breath better so that this summer, I can run like the wind and ride down the street on my skateboard.

4/5/21 Update:  Bruce has settled in his fosters B &B. He has been resting  and recovering from palate surgery. Now he is patiently waiting for his minor eye surgery next week.  Soon he will be ready for his forever home so get those applications in. 

Bruce will be 4 us old on July 18th and weighs 42 lbs. Working right now as well on adding a few pounds to this beautiful boy. “Foster  mom says I’m as sweet as an Oreo Cookie. They call me Mr Bruce here and I am hanging out with some ladies. I’m enjoying my new friends. I’ve taken a liking to the younger and smaller one. I love to go for walks , car rides and just chillin out in the yard.”

4/25/21 Update:  Bruce Wayne is happy to say he has added a few well-needed pounds around his waistline.

He is enjoying naps on the patio, car rides, walks and he recently discovered the love of gardening. Specifically the hose!
He also has taken a liking to watching Netflix puppy documentaries.
He is very excited to be able to play, now that his surgeries are behind him. He met some new fur friends and does well with dogs of all sizes. He is most excited that he has visitors coming soon.