Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Can you see me with my new family? I have a new mom, Megan. My dad is Brock and my new brothers are Tony and Seth. I met my family a while back at a rescue event at Dogtopia and it was love at first sight! I continued on my beauty regimen to get my skin all healed and they continued dreaming about me. Yesterday was the day that our dreams came true.

I have moved to a new home with 3 acres that is all fenced just for me. It was very important on my list of requirements that I had a lot of room to explore. I am young, I love to walk and I can even run when the weather gets cooler. My new brothers like to play sports and now they have a new teammate. I can carry a baseball and I can push a soccer ball. A football seemed kinda weird to me, so I just laid down on it!

So, goodbye rescue and hello to the best day of my life. I knew the right family would find me and here they are… a family just for me. Love,  Bruce Wayne

My name is Bruce Wayne—yeah, that Bruce Wayne from Batman. And if I do say so myself, I am as dapper and ninja quick as the Batman.

I am three years old and full of energy. And my skin is a mess! My family tried so many things and took me to the vet so many times. But nothing seemed to work long-term. So they decided, for my health sake, they would turn me over to rescue to see if their vets could help. I have had so many hotspots and I have a thousand tiny bumps all over my skin right now. I try not to let all this get me down, but sometimes it is hard. 

So I am at the vet to be neutered and get all my itchy skin under control. If you want a white bulldog with a small light brindle spot on his rear, I just might be the perfect match for you.