A new chapter in Buddy’s life began on Friday. His mum had been counting down the days all week, excited to bring Buddy home. She’d already stocked up on a bed, food and toys to welcome the newest family member. Buddy will have a mum, dad, and a little fur brother. Although I’ll miss Buddy, who was so tempting to adopt myself, I know my job is done when I see the glowing smiles, as a foster dog is united with a family who I know will love and adore him. They’ve already reported that Buddy has chosen his spot on the sofa and is playing the oversized lapdog. He’s even stubbornly found his way onto the bed. I’m glad they don’t mind because I kind of, sort of … spoiled him. He’s undeniably too irresistible to tell ‘no.’ Buddy is most definitely one of the most affectionate of all my fosters, and his new family will enjoy receiving all the love he’ll return. Happy trails, Buddy. You totally deserve this life.

It was as very tearful day for a local family. They are moving out of a spacious home and into an apartment downtown. Dad is on the road at least two weeks out of the month and mom works long hours many weeks. Bud and Geddy were spending too much time in their crates and their family wanted more for them. These two need a family that can devote the time, love and nurturing they deserve. So the surrendering family chose us to find that new family for them.

11/27/16 Update:  I’m Bud! I’m 55 pounds, 4 years old and I love to eat! Some of my hobbies are playing ball, riding in the car and going on walks. I hope you can keep up with me! I also love to cuddle and I really like to sleep in the bed with you, if you’ll let me. I get along with cats too and I’m kennel trained. If you think you can keep up with me, apply to be my forever family.

1/5/17 Update:  Bud had a great Christmas and a happy New Year snuggled up in the house and on the couch with his foster mom. He got new blankets, some fun toys and some yummy treats for Christmas! He was one happy boy. Bud is raring and ready to start his year off with his furever family! He loves to go on, not only walks, but runs. YES! This dude can run and loves to run. He’s healthy as a horse. Bud also loves to play ball! Who is ready to make this sweet dude part of your forever family?

1/15/17 Update:  Bud is living the dream here with his foster family. Bud had a birthday Saturday. He turned 5! He has a foster brother and two foster sisters. They play well together, most of the time. He’s not a big fan of cats. He weighs in at about 55 lbs. Bud LOVES to go on walks and loves to play ball! If you say the word walk, he is racing around the house and then waits by the door. He’s a super smart boy! He is so loving and loves to cuddle with you. Bud is perfectly healthy and is waiting patiently for his forever home.

1/26/17 Update:  Bud is such a great little buddy! He had a great week here. Bud likes to sit on the “end tables” in the living room as if they’re chairs. Foster mom and dad thinks it’s hilarious! He will climb up there and just sit and look around like he is KING of the castle. Bud is still looking for his forever valentine.

2/23/17 Update:  “It’s Bud here. I just wanted to quickly drop by and say hello. And to also confess that I have a stinky bum. My new foster mum was worried because I wasn’t eating the food she was serving me. She thought I was unsettled or maybe a bit depressed. Well… I’m not happy that my furever family hasn’t found me yet, but I’m not depressed. Anyway, foster mum was a little worried about me, but it was all a misunderstanding. She’s realized that I just don’t like the dried variant of what she was giving me. This morning, she added in the wet variant and was relieved when I gobbled it all up. But now, she says I have a stinky bum. As a dog, I didn’t think bums ever smell bad, but apparently humans think so.”

3/14/17 Update:  Hello, it’s me Bud, or as foster mum likes to call me: Buddy. I’ve decided to put together a resume, and I hope it helps potential adopters to narrow down their search to me. Foster mum has insisted that I be modest, so I have. She also told me to add a detail at the end that I consider unimportant, but I’ve humored her and included it. In other words just skip over the last section titled “who cares.”

Name: Bud (aka Buddy)
Age: 5

Appearance: Handsomest and sexiest. The girls love me, and all the boys are jealous.

Health: 100% perfect. Better than anyone else in the universe. Very athletic.

Disposition: 100% perfect. I dare anyone to say they’re more amenable than me. Even though my foster predecessors liked to bully the small foster dog here, I completely leave her alone. Even when she stole my bully stick and drinks all my water.

I love cuddling. In fact, I’m the best cuddler in the world. No one is better at it than me. I like to crawl in foster mum’s lap. She looks most in need of me in her lap when she has a textbook studying so I sit on the book to rescue her from focusing on the stuff. Plus, I’m about 100 times bigger than the book so the book loses out every time. I’m 100% aware when there are noises outside so I bark so that foster mum knows that there are leaves blowing outside. She tells me to shut up… whatever that means. I also guard her from things only I can see. I bark at what she says is thin air, and she said something about maybe having a haunted house. Whatever. I’m the best guard dog in the world.

Interests & Hobbies: Watching TV. It’s fascinating. Love it. Except when there are other 4-legged creatures on it. I have to discipline the TV when that happens and have to set things straight. Foster mum seems to think it’s funny, but I take these intrusions seriously. I also like toys. I chase balls better than any other dog in the world. I also make squeaky toys squeak louder and more obnoxiously than any other dog in the world. I also like my walks and am all business about it. Full steam ahead, and please don’t distract me with bushes or anything else. I take walks very seriously. I’m the best walker in the world.

Goals and aspirations: To find a furever home with people who can recognize perfection and appreciate it when they see it and also who can treat me like the king that I obviously am.

The who cares section: Now the stuff foster mum insisted I add. I have a stinky bum. OK, whatever. But, if that’s true, like everything else, I probably have the stinkiest bum in the whole wide world. I dare you to find a stinkier bum anywhere else.

So that’s my very modest account of who I am. 100% perfect. Love,  Buddy

4/8/17 Update:  Hello.  Bud here.  Just look at me.  I’m a bonafide stud.  And I also know how to get what I want.  I have Foster Mum wrapped around my big bully toe.  I have toys, toys, toys, and more toys.  But I also know how to share.  I mean, look at me in the photo.  I’ve left enough space for Foster Mum to take a nap on the edge of the sofa.  She grumbled I could move over a bit, but a stud like me needs space to stretch out.  By the way, she told me that we’re leaving for Waco tonight and that I get to go Waco All Breed Rescue Event tomorrow!  So, if you want to see a gorgeous bully specimen, you’ll find one there.