We are thrilled to announce that Buford boy has been adopted. He is off living the luxurious life with his new family. We wish him all the best!

Please welcome Buford to Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! At the age of 9, Buford’s mom and dad went separate ways, and Buford came to rescue. Buford gathered his bed, his balls, his bag of dog food and $100 for future expenses and decided he was going to find another great family that loved an active senior. Buford has had all his medical care handled, but he did hear that he might need some dental work. He’s certain that he has kept his teeth clean by eating the proper food and great treats, so he’s not so sure about that. Buford loves all other dogs, he was raised with kids and he’s simply adorable!

5/27/18 Update:  Buford is such an amazing Bulldog. He is perfect in every way. He loves all people and all other dogs. Buford can play with a tennis ball for hours; he even plays with the ball by himself by tossing it in the air and trying to pounce on it after it bounces a few times. He has such a great personality, and is even 100% house trained. He doesn’t mind being in a crate, but he highly prefers to be out and part of our everyday action. His 9th birthday may be right around the corner, but he acts like a typical energetic 3-year-old Bulldog.

8/28/18 Update:  Buford is so fun to have around. This guy is the perfect Bulldog. He gets along well with all people and all dogs. Buford loves to play with his ball, is always ready for a good nap, and most of all, loves to be with his people. Buford is 100% house trained, does great in a bath, doesn’t mind when his nails get trimmed, and really enjoys going outside.

Are you looking for the perfect senior saint? Look no further. Fill out an adoption application today and you may get matched to this sweet gem!