Buttercup has been adopted!  We’ve been a bit quiet in the way of Butter Briefings this last week. Why you ask? Well, because Buttercup wasn’t ready to ‘go public’ until she was sure. But, today was the day… lil’ Butters is ready to sing (bark?) it from the roof tops (couch?) – BUTTERCUP HAS A FOREVER FAMILY!!

Breaking the hearts of #ButterLovers around the world, the little Southern sass Buttercup #SwipedRight and found her perfect match of a family! After several weeks of swiping left (& some serious ‘hard pass’ options), the Perfect Match appeared!Though she was initially a bit skeptical of the bouncy Bulldog boy in the family – she scoped it out and decided to do a meet and greet last weekend. She knew immediately they were the ones. She could see forever in their future! It was exciting and everything she had dreamed! But, there was still the issue of not being the only fur-princess in the palace… She took some time to think about it, but couldn’t imagine a future without those humans, as her mom and dad. So, she made a plan – she decided she’d show that fur-boy who is boss early on (aka HER!) and make sure the ground rules of #BossLadyButters are set. She did just that, and he was happy to accept the rules in exchange for a fellow Bulldog in the house. From that moment – it was done. Pure love! To show her new mom and dad how grateful she was, she initiated a play session to show-off how happy and well-behaved she was going to be in her new home!

As of 9.22.18, Buttercup has her forever home, forever family, her forever Mom, Dad & fur-only-family, including a bouncy Bulldog boy she (now) adores! Butters was welcomed to her home with so much love – a perfect pink harness, a new bed and a lifetime of love!

The family of four, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue and Buttercup’s foster mamma and papa are excited for what the future holds.

Good Morning Bulldog Lovers, it is me, Princess Buttercup From The South.  Fancy name, uh?  Well, that is because I am a fancy southern belle.  I am 3 years old and I weight 42lbs. Even though ladies should not tell their age or weight I wanted you to know that I am small,  just in case you love a small bulldog.  Also, all my friends call me Butters.  This morning when I was scrolling thru Facebook I realized it was back to school for a lot of kids and they were all dressed up.  So, I went back in the house and put on a tutu and got my new hat because I am going somewhere today to, I am going to the vet’s office so she can she a true Southern Belle From The South! While I am at the vet I am going to have a minor procedure and maybe a nip tuck here and there.  My idea of a great forever home for me will be a home that has Southern charm,  some sweet tea, and a lot of laps for me to sit in.  I am a lap lady 100%.  Also, I have seen ladies that carry their dogs in their purses, so if you have a purse I would love to ride in there! Just this morning I found a big bag on the floor, I carefully emptied all the things out by digging, and I hopped right in.  Purses or bags,  I so love them. This thing called rescue, I just know I am gonna fit right in.

9/10/18 Update:  Hi, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue friends and followers. I hear there are lots of you out there… it’s so exciting to know y’all want to hear about lil’ ol’ me, the pint-sized princess ‘Butters.’ I think I will call my tribe of followers #ButterLovers, cute, right? Every young hip girl these days needs a hash tag doesn’t she?

So, let me catch ya”ll up on what I’ve been doing. First, I had my ‘nip-tuck’ stuff taken care of at the doctor. They were so nice and OH… the food there was GOOD! Much to my surprise, I seem to have come outta there weighing a tad bit more than going in?! But, let’s just say, when you see me now… these curves are just what the doctor ordered! I think y’all will agree that this pint-sized Southern Belle Bulldog body is #OnPoint

Oh my… where are my manners! Forgive me for getting a little carried away. This rescue fame is going to my head! OK, let’s talk about this spa where I am staying. I guess it’s called a foster home, but to me it’s an amazing spa! There are dogs here that are my helpers and friends, and the people that run the place are my foster parents. They just love on me, and take care of me, and feed me, and… it’s amazing! I have to admit, I wasn’t impressed with the size of their ‘pool’ but I made it work.

After my dip in the pool, foster mom decided I needed to visit the salon for a brush and blow-out. I loved it and finally got some of that excess hair taken care of! As you can see, foster mom wasn’t feeling as good as I was. I left her to clean up, while I headed in to the accommodations to try out some of the bedding options. I think I found a few that will work, and will make sure to have them placed throughout the spa so I can stay near my foster peoples no matter where they go. There is so much great stuff to share with all of you, but for now, I’m going to sign-off on my first check-in from the foster spa. Have a blessed week #ButterLovers and I’ll check-in again soon!