Calico (now Jo-Jo)

Calico (now Jo-Jo)

Calico here with my new family. I actually have one small human with long blonde hair named Jackson. He is my new brother! Yep, that’s right we are brother and sister… just ask Jack. We may look a little different, but we are family.

When my foster mom did Jackson’s home visit with his family, the first words out of Jack’s mouth were, “Did you bring my Bulldog?”

I didn’t go on the home visit that day, but I had my fingers crossed thatJack would love me when he met me.

Oh, Jack loved me alright and since that day, he has never left my side.

Jackson has a brother named Liam who loves me too, but I belong to Jackson. I have supervised time with him, and Jackson monitors the way I get played with, sang to, brushed and fed.

There are also two adults in the family, Emily and Alex, and they have a little time with me that is monitored by Jack. If Jack gets a scrape and gets a bandage, I get one too. Same thing with Goldfish, a fruit snack or Cheerios. We share everything.

Jack is 3 now and at his birthday party, we shared hats and cupcakes and now we are learning to play T-ball. Jack hits off the ball off the T and I fetch it.

So, that’s really all about me, except I have a new name and that is Jo-Jo. Jack and Jo-Jo… we are like superheroes and our magic power is LOVE. I have the most amazing life now with my forever family and a best friend named Jackson.

Thank you, Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, for finding me the most amazing family with small kids just for me!

My name is Calico and I am a spunky little three year old Bulldog. I only weigh 41 pounds. I used to belong to a breeder, but after two painful miscarriages he took me to the vet and had me spayed so that would never happen again. He then asked if the vet could find me a new family. It just so happened he knew an older couple who had a Bulldog and loved all Bulldogs. So they came and got me and took me home. 

They are in their 70’s and were not prepared for a girl like me. You see, I never got to do all that fun puppy stuff. So I am catching up for lost time. I love to run and jump and do pirouettes in the air. And I love to chew—anything! Shoes, furniture, plants, you let me see it and I will chew it. They decided I was more of a handful than they could handle. So they contacted rescue.

So here is a little more about me. I am brindle and white and have the cutest ears. I need plenty of exercise to run off all my stored up energy. I also need some training to learn how to control all my new-found puppy desires. I have an inverted tail that will require a little surgery to fix. Otherwise I am in great health. Oh, and did I tell you I absolutely love laps and butt scratches!

So hurry up and submit those application and see if you are a match for me. A gal like me can’t stand still and wait all day!