How do you like me now? I have checked out of the rescue Airbnb and into a forever home. That’s right, I have a new family! 

My mom Darlene and my dad Dale are the best. Max is my new brother. He is the same age as me and we play non-stop. Daisy, my new sister, is a senior lady. She likes to keep order in the house. She’s not into all the rough-housing and running like crazy kids, so we just let her be.  

I had the best time while I was in rescue. I had my tail removed and I feel so much better. I am pain-free and proud to be. I had my lady parts taken care of too and let’s just say, I am now as good as new.  

I am getting a new lifejacket, so I can swim in the pool with my new family. I already got a new bikini, but that is for my family’s viewing pleasure only. Not sure social media is ready to see all that.

So, so long, rescue family. Candy is out of here and starting my life today with a fabulous family who was picked just for me: Dale, Darlene, Max and Daisy all welcomed me!

Hello friends, it’s me Candy joining rescue today! 

No sad stories for me. My Mom was crazy about me, and she loved me a lot. Every day she would tell me how beautiful I was. Sometimes we would get in her red convertible and cruise thru town with the top down. Wind was blowing in my fur and not a care in the world.

But sometimes life happens and what you thought was going to be forever, changed. Change is not always bad, and I sure understood what was happening and it was my idea to pack my backpack in search of a family. So, with tears falling like rain I took my last ride in the convertible with the top down. I kept telling my mom I was going to be just fine.  

I have always been up for a good challenge and seeing new places. I am going to love my new rescue family and when it’s time, my new adoptive family is going to love me. I have always lived with other dogs, and even a cat or two. I love to play, I love to chase balls and I am crazy about food and treats. I am 18 months old and today I learned to sit. Not sit and stay,  just sit. Tomorrow if the treats are good, I might just sit and stay!  My name is Candy, and I am just that sweet!

8/13/21 Update:  Hello all you Candy lovers. Just a quick update to let everyone I am ready for my new family!  That’s right, I have been spayed, had my tail removed and had my stitches out today. I am 100% ready to find the family who will continue to let me be the Princess I was born to be!  I love all dogs, love to play, and most of all I love to go for a ride in the car. So next time you see me you probably will see me with my forever family. How lucky will they be!