The best of things come in twos. These two foster dogs found, not only the perfect family, but each other.
After losing Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue alumna Daisy and their sweet Sassy, this family knew they needed to fill their home with two Bulldogs.
Duchess of York and Chaplin were excited to meet and play. They’ll be the cutest couple on the block and will definitely keep Lauren and Brian on their toes with all their silliness.
All my friends call me Duchy, so you can call me that too. I bet you think I have had a hard life, from the looks of my photo. Far from it. I’ve had a really good one. All except for one thing ~ my motherhood experience.

Hello everyone, it’s me Chaplin joining rescue! Can you come a little closer? I think if you do you may recognize me. You see I was almost famous. I took Snapchat by storm. That’s right I was on Snapchat Snappin, and Chattin and telling stories. Well, actually I was telling my story.  My story was that I was looking for a family. I had a Dad and all my life I lived outside. My Dad left me at a lady friend’s house for 2 weeks while he did something.  And guess what?  He forgot to come back and get me. Finally, the lady friend called him and told him I was ready to go home. But, sadly he didn’t want me anymore and told her to find me a family.  

I was really happy living inside in a beautiful apartment with her but she was not happy about the fact I was not house broken. Every day she told me, “Stop doing that inside, let’s go for a walk.”  And walk we did. But still I had accidents. Everybody has their breaking point and she had it with me.

She sat me in front of her Snapchat friends and said “Help me find this fella a new family!” GREAT thing for me that she had a Snapchat friend named Adam and Adam told her his grandmother does bulldog rescue and she will take me. So, thank you Snapchat for helping me find rescue.  

I am having an altering surgery soon. I have been working hard learning inside rules and I am doing amazing. Dr. Larsen said I just might be one of her favorites because I love everyone at the clinic. I am almost 2 years old. I know how to use Snapchat. I love to walk and I am great on a leash. I love all dogs and people of all sizes. Love, Chaplin

11/30/20 Update:   He’s a perfect gentleman and fitting in well with his foster sisters. He loves to play and also loves to snuggle!