Cherilu (now Cali)

Cherilu (now Cali)

Do I have news for you! Ready? Drumroll, please…. I have officially been adopted! Yep, I have a forever home! And guess what? I also have a new name. My new name is Cali. You know, like Cali-fornia!

No more being a stray, no more wondering where my next meal will come from, and no more wandering the streets. I am loved forever! Yes, forever!

I have a beautiful mom, dad, the prettiest little skin sister, two skin brothers and Peggy, is my new fur sister who was previously adopted from Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue. Let me tell you, she and I go together like peanut better and jelly!

Thank you, Foster Mom, Pops, Sissy and Jax, for watching over and loving me while the best family in the world was trying to find me. I am, without a doubt, the happiest girl in the world! Also, a very special thank you to Dr. Larsen and Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue, especially Mr. Ronnie and Mr. Darren, for realizing how very special I am. I’ll love you furever! Love and sweet kisses, Cherilu/Cali

I am small, I am as cute as a button and I am a mess! I was found as a stray and taken to a shelter. I had enough of that place in a hurry. I am so thankful to be a part of rescue and look forward to a better life.

But first I have to kick all this crud to the curb! I have demodex, ringworm, fleas, lots of bald and crusty spots on my skin, two ear infections and a little congestion in my lungs. I also need entropion surgery because it has caused an ulcer on one eye. That’s a whole lot of stuff for a gal only 40 pounds and about 18 months old!

I love being next to people and following in their footsteps, and I have done well around the few dogs that I’ve been near.

I will be at the vet clinic for a while to get everything sorted out and fixed. That should give you just enough time to complete the application process and see if you are a match for a beautiful gal like me.

4/8/19 Update:  Cherilu here!  I thought I’d let all my fans know I’ve officially checked into the foster home and I’m having a blast!  I have a fur brother and sister and we get along great! I love to play and then when I’m done, I love to play some more! I still have a lot of puppy left in me so I’m full of energy and always looking for a good time.  

I’m learning that shoes and TV remotes are not toys. I mean, they look like toys to me but Foster Mom seems to frown when her shoes come up missing. Foster Pops had a little talk with fur brother Jax and me when he found the TV remote in the back yard. Well, I don’t know exactly how it got there. Jax said I carried outside. I said Jax carried outside. But, I learned a good lesson and let’s just say, that will never happen again. I’m proud to say most all potties are outside but I’m still working on that and have it almost to perfection!

I’m a little bundle of love that wishes for the perfect family to take me to my forever home. Fill out that application today and you may be matched with this total package of cuteness!