Cindi Loo

Cindi Loo

“Miss Bulldog Perfection” packed her stuff today and headed to San Antonio. She has a new mom and dad, along with both skin siblings and fur siblings. Apparently, she is already having the time of her life. She has shown her new family that even though she is a Bulldog, she can swim!
We can’t wait to hear about all her adventures she will have with her perfect new family.

My name is Cindi Loo and I am around 18 months old and only weigh 34 pounds.

I woke up one morning and I was lost in the middle of nowhere familiar. A lady found me and took me home. She and her friends posted pictures and messages about me, but no one came looking for me. For the past two weeks, I have been living with another family while they all looked for my owner. That family had five other dogs and some children. I loved all them and they loved me. But they decided they could not keep another dog, so they contacted rescue.

Everybody talks about how sweet I am. Why not? I think we should love everyone and that is what I try to do. I walk well on a leash, I know how to sit and do a few other things on command. I know how to use the doggie door when it is time for me to do my lady business. I love to sleep in a crate or on my bed, but my favorite place to sleep is with you in your bed. I love to stretch out like a frog and then I crawl across the floor on my belly like a Navy Seal. I also love belly rubs. After all, I am a Bulldog.

4/12/19 Update:   I moved into my foster home yesterday. So far, my foster parents have learned that I am a very well behaved girl and I am sweet as can be. I eat all my food, know where to do my business and I walk great on a leash. I haven’t been fully introduced to the other dogs in the house yet, but I did take a walk with them today and we got along great. Rumor has it that they are old and occasionally get a bit grumpy. Foster Mom is a bit confused because apart from a few days left of my antibiotics from my lady surgery, I am on NO medication. That’s a lot different than her previous foster dogs. I will occasionally get the usual Bulldog allergy thing, but other than that, I am just perfect!