Clara has been adopted!  This sweet girl has found her forever family. Clara showed us her sweet factor every day, so it was no surprise her new mom, dad and skin brother fell in love with her.  People ask me all the time how I foster and not want to keep them all…well I do…and this one was particularly hard for my family to let go. But we can’t be more happy for sweet Clara that she found her forever family that loves her as much as we do!  It was so sweet her new skin brother brought her a toy. Happy tails sweet Clara!

I’m one of Santa’s Six, formerly the Festive Five. I wanted everyone to know I had a photo shoot and it was amazing! By the end, I heard people calling me a PEST because I would not leave them alone. However, I think the real reason is because I LOVE people to touch me. As soon as they do, I fall over, roll over on my back and lay like a statue. I can stay in that position for hours. And I will. I LOVE my newly found freedom. In the days to come, you will hear and see so much more about me, so stay tuned.

12/31/19 Update:  Goodbye 2019 and being known as #316 and hello 2020, now known as Clara. I just landed in my foster home and am settling in nicely. I love belly rubs and I will give you my belly any chance I can. In return, I will show you my love and appreciation. I love to cuddle and be Foster Ma’s shadow. I’m learning so many new things and can’t wait to learn more.

1/7/20 Update:  In honor of tongue out Tuesday, take a look at this gem – Foster Girl Clara.

Clara has been in her foster home for a week, and already we are seeing her come out of her shell and show us her sweet personality.  Clara knows to do her business outside and has started to learn to use a “bell” to let us know she wants to go out.  Clara loves laying in the grass, and is enjoying her freedom outside the puppy mill confines.  Daily walks have become our routine, and this sweet girl does great on a leash.

We are working on getting Clara comfortable with car rides. Right now she is a bit unsure of it, but is getting better as we continue to make it a consistency.

1/15/20 Update:  It’s safe to say that Clara is great with kids. Taking naps together has become their specialty!