Clarice has found the furever family she has been hoping for all her life. After spending all her life having puppies, Clarice will get the love she so wants and deserves. When Clarice first came into her foster home, she was so fearful and shut down. She had to be carried everywhere as she was afraid to move. Everything was new to this girl who had spent her entire life in a cage. Clarice had to be hand fed for weeks. Then, slowly, Clarice began to realize it was pretty nice being in a home. She began loving being held and petted. Her little clown personality came out. And, best of all, Clarice caught the eye of Marnie and Andrew, and they fell in love with her. This wonderful, loving family will give Clarice the life she so deserves. Clarice will have a fur brother and four skin siblings. Clarice will also have cat siblings, which is okay with her. Clarice still has fears but her family is ready to be there for her and help her trust. Clarice hopes all puppy mill mamas can be as lucky as she is. This girl will hold a special place forever in her foster mama’s heart.

Welcome sweet girl Clarice to Rescue. Stay tuned for more information on this sweet girl.

My name is Clarice and I am 5 years old. I am a survivor.  I survived the horrors of living in a puppy mill producing litter after litter with no thought of my life. All my life I lived in a wire cage spinning round and around slowly losing my mind. Just about the time I was convinced that my life was over I was loaded up and taken to a Puppy Mill Auction, placed on a table, spun around in a circle and was sold to the highest bidder. What I thought was the end of my life was the beginning of a fabulous life in the arms of wonderful people that held me tight, kissed my face,  and told me they loved me. I prayed to God that that day would never end. I was rescued!  I was going to be free. I was going to be loved. I was going to have a family. No one was ever going to hit me, abuse me, starve me and use me for profit again. I have had all my medical needs met now. And now I start the process of finding me a family that understands where I have been, what I have done, and how I have lived. What you need to know about me is the following.

1. I am terrified of everything!  Especially noises. Especially sudden movements. Especially being watched.

2. I will not eat or drink if you are in the room. I am like a little mouse, I sneak out at night when no one is looking and I eat and drink.

3. I have no idea about a collar, harness or leash. In fact I will fall to the ground paralyzed at the thought of walking with you.

4. I love for you to hold me close, but I will shake. I shake because I am afraid that you are going to hurt me. I don’t trust you yet.

5. I need you. I need you to understand me. I need you to love me. I need you to help me forget that horrible life.

I hope to be “Home For Christmas” and have my very own family. I hope that family is you, you that have done your homework and understands that I am not a ordinary bulldog, I am a EXTRAORDINARY bulldog named Clarice !

11/17/16 Update:  Clarice has had her spay and has gone to her foster.  She is still one of the most scared bulldogs I have ever seen in my life. She is afraid of everyone, everything.

11/22/16 Update:  Clarice’s foster momma is working on this mill survivor’s fear issues. Yesterday, Clarice stood up and walked about six inches toward her foster momma, which is huge progress.

12/4/16 Update:  This 30 lbs of Bulldog has my heart. This week, she has been exploring the house, been in every room, and some twice. Clarice has made friends will everyone that is nice and has chosen to sleep on blankets instead of running back to her open crate and staring out. Clarice has rolled over on her back several times and wiggled and wiggled and wiggled, begging to be played with. Clarice ran out the door with Luna and, oh my God, when she realized she was in a different setting, she was mortified to the core. Clarice needs to be comfortable with other places and people before she finds her forever family. For her to grow, she needs to meet new things, places and people.

12/12/16 Update:  Clarice is taking a short nap in her new foster home.  This tiny girl is afraid of everything. She has looked around her new digs a bit but decided a nap in a cozy bed was the best idea. Clarice will overcome her fears and understand that her puppy mill days are behind her and no one will hurt or mistreat her.  Clarice is so very sweet and so deserving of a wonderful life. Lots of work to be done to gain her trust but she is so worth it.

12/19/16 Update:  Foster girl Clarice is learning to enjoy a bed, warm blankets and soft toys. After spending the first five years as a puppy mill mama, Clarice deserves to experience the good life. The mill life has made Clarice a very fearful girl and loud noises and quick movements scare her. Clarice needs to gain a few pounds and we are working on her food preferences, in hopes she will soon be a bowl cleaner without coaxing or hand feeding. She is so busy looking around at things that might scare her that she has a hard time concentrating on her meal. Clarice has a way to go, but she is beginning to show her playful side and enjoy the perks of being in a home.

12/26/16 Update:  Foster girl Clarice is enjoying some time in the sun. Because Clarice is afraid to venture out the front door, we thought the wagon would make her feel more secure. Clarice really was not having it, so she sat in the sun for a bit. Clarice has a long way to go in conquering her fears, but her playful side is showing itself. She likes to play with her two fur siblings and explore the backyard. Clarice is getting used to noises new to her. She no longer barks at the the ice dispenser. We are still working on her eating habits. Clarice is too busy watching out for scary things to be a bowl cleaner, so foster mama helps to feed her. We are looking forward to the day Clarice rushes into the kitchen at meal time and cleans her bowl.

1/1/17 Update:  Clarice welcomed the New Year by venturing into other rooms in the house and checking out her fur sister. Clarice would like to play, but she was not getting much cooperation. Clarice took a short walk from the house to the sidewalk, but quickly wanted back into the house. Overcoming her fears of the world outside a puppy mill will take a lot of time and patience. Clarice loves to lay in her bed and watch TV. Loud noises and sudden movements scare her, so a calm household would be best for her.

1/9/17 Update:  Clarice is very slowly coming out of her shell. She took a nap after her bath. She is fearful of the water, but getting a good rub down with towels is the best part of bath time. Clarice loves to be brushed and doesn’t mind her daily face, feet and bottom cleaning. She is not a fan of her nose butter, but tolerates it and her nose is no longer dry.  Clarice is content to stay in her favorite spot in her bed. She goes outsidein the mornings and evenings and a couple of times during the day. She may not let us know when she wants to go out, but this routine has worked well for her with no accidents. Clarice likes her crate to sleep in at night and no accidents there either. Clarice has the run of the house when we step out for errands.  Clarice has tried to play a bit with her fur sister, but her fur sister does not like to be bothered and will retreat to her room. Clarice is still very afraid of loud noises, sudden movements and things she has never seen. She barked at the scary laundry basket today. She likes attention from my 2 year old granddaughter, but only if it is very quiet attention. She would probably do best in a quieter home. Going outside for walks is still very scary for Clarice. She cannot get back in the house fast enough. Lots of patience and a quiet atmosphere is still required for mealtimes. Clarice will now come into the kitchen when she hears food being prepared and eats mostly on her own, but still needs coaxing and assurance to clean her bowl. The slightest noise spooks her and she will run out of the kitchen. She seems to be understanding that a loving home is a great place to be.

1/18/17 Update:  Clarice is continuing to learn about living in a home. She is still scared of loud noises and sudden movements. She barks loudly at both and runs to hide. She loves children, but the smaller ones scare her. She is afraid of anything new in the house or different things she has never seen.  She does love to grab dish towels and wash cloths for some reason and will take them to her bed. Clarice will now come into the kitchen at mealtime and jump excitedly for her bowl to be put down on her placemat, a small bath rug since she is a bit of a messy eater. She knows her name and what “treat” means.  Clarice will not walk on a leash and does not want to venture out the front door. She will go out in the backyard, but hurries back in once her business is done. She wore her princess bow as she is truly a sweet little tiny princess deserving of a pampered life.

1/23/17 Update:  Clarice took a stroll out back today to get some sun.  Clarice likes the backyard but will not venture off the front porch to take a walk.  Too many unfamiliar sounds and things she has never seen that scare her.  Clarice has a bit of a clown in her that she shows occasionally.  She seems to really bond and feel secure with me.  Clarice has come a long way but still has fears to overcome.   She is not a big fan of the rowdy two year old granddaughter but likes for the two year old to pet her and give her a “doggie massage”.  Clarice has been a joy and deserves a great life.

2/7/17 Update:  Foster girl Clarice is coming out of her shell and being quite the clown. Clarice is up for love and pets anytime. If her fur sisters are getting attention, Clarice is right in the middle of everything, wanting her share of attention. Clarice does try to exert some dominance over her fur sisters, but no tussles have occurred. Clarice is still fearful of loud noises and small children who make loud noises. Clarice has a bark that sounds like she means business, but she is a gentle girl. She has come to love her baths and daily grooming routine. She thinks she is a beauty for sure. Clarice is the first one in the kitchen when she hears mealtime noises and now licks her bowl clean. She is just grateful to be in a real home with a soft place to sleep and regular meals. She loves being in a house so much, she is still afraid to go out for a walk. She wants right back inside. Clarice is a loving low key kind of girl.