Coco Puff (now Leia)

Coco Puff (now Leia)

Sweet, fun, energetic Coco Puff, now Leia, has been adopted! This girl was so much fun to foster. I’d never seen a Bulldog play like she does. She’s going to be so happy playing with her two skin sisters and fur brother. I’m sure they’ll be just as entertained as we were. She’s already settling in nicely. Happy tails, sweet girl!

I was on social media and saw that my sister Cuba was adopted. I squealed with glee! I had never stopped thinking about her and I missed her so bad. 

You see, we are sisters ~ babies from the same litter ~ and we were always super close. When Cuba packed her backpack for rescue, I was about to have babies so I had to stay behind. I didn’t want to be left behind, but I was. I loved my babies, but I loved Cuba more.  

My family knew that I was really upset and they told me once I was finished being a mom, I was free to go, And “go” was just what I did.  

I am now in the same foster home where Cuba lived. I have been sniffing around, trying to find some scent of Cuba, but so far, all I’ve found is the toy box and the treat bin.  

My foster mom let me climb up in her lap and told me not to worry. She said I will find a fabulous family, just like Cuba, when the time is right. 

I FaceTime’ed Cuba today and believe it or not, she barked at the phone. Cuba remembers me. She looked happy and amazing. She told me that I needed a spa day and to go brush my teeth.

4/26/22 Update:  The fun-loving Coco Puff has been in our house for a week now. This sweet girl loves everything with fur and skin. 

Being 2 years old, she still has a good amount of energy. She loves going on walks, chewing on a ball, cuddles, belly rubs and being with her people. 

We’re still working on a few manners. When she gets excited she can be jumpy. She’d be best in a home with kids she can’t knock down. She’d also enjoy a playmate. Fur or skin. If you want a shadow, this girl is for you.