Cookie (Now Concha)

Cookie (Now Concha)

Cookie has been adopted!  She’s so sweet that it’s no wonder how she got her original name. And her furever family clearly agree because, although she’ll no longer be known as a Cookie, she’ll be known as a Concha, a type of sweet Mexican pastry!

As a foster dog, Concha was difficult not to love. She’s easy-going and funny and just like a big old bear. She was almost always by my side. I’m thrilled this deserving girl has found a young family to keep her on her toes. She’ll be able to soak up all the attention as the only fur baby, and she’ll have a little skin sister to play with. Concha was never much into toys, but I do believe her sister is going to work on changing that. There is hope there because I hear Concha was seen snooping around the little girl’s doll house. This is a happy ending for everyone. I wish Concha and her new family much happiness and joy in the years to come. Happy tails, Concha!

Please welcome Cookie to our rescue family! Cookie’s elderly parents were sad to see her leave, but they knew she needed more medical care than they were able to give. So, Cookie loaded up her dog food and her things and hopped in with our Uber driver Darren and headed to rescue.

First stop? The scales, and Cookie continued to hang one leg off in hopes that her weight would not be a lot. The last time Cookie had been weighed she was 40 lbs and she felt like she might have packed on a few pounds over the winter months. Well, Cookie was right. The scales don’t lie and they rolled up to 70 lbs, and Cookie was still trying to leave one leg off! But Cookie is very happy with her extra fluff and she may try to keep herself at 70 lbs, no losing and no gaining any more.

Cookie has some skin stuff going on that we will address, but other than a few minor things, Cookie is perfection, all rolled up in 70 lbs. Cookie is 3 years old.

5/20/18 Update:  I’m new to rescue so I’m still learning the ropes. All I know so far is that I’ve landed in a peaceful foster home where I have a housemate who is a permanent resident. My housemate can be really nice, but she can also be really mean. Me? I am a laid back girl with a sweet temperament so I just let her be grouchy and walk away.

Foster Mum says my previous owners gave me a suitable name because I’m sweet just like a cookie. She doesn‘t call me Cookie as in singular, though…she calls me Cookies as in plural. Why? She says there’s too much bulk to me to be just one cookie. She says that with a smile and a laugh, but I’m not so sure it’s a compliment. She says I’m one of the biggest Bulldogs she’s ever seen and has put me on this thing called a diet. That’s OK. I take everything in stride and make the most of what life has to offer. I just lumber along, even when life comes with a temperamental housemate. What’s to know about me? I yearn for a home to call my own. I’m housebroken so I know where to do my business. I want to be close to my human, and I want to feel loved… I myself have lots of love to give. If you let me, my favorite thing is to cuddle up on the furniture. Oh, and I know to sit for my treats. You see, I came from a home where I was well cared for, and I miss it very much. Foster Mum says not to worry because a doggy as irresistible as I am will find a loving family in no time. I sure hope so.

When you fill out that application, please don’t forget to ask about the big, lumbering girl named Cookie. I hope I can be matched to you. Love,  Cookie