Cooper Jackson

Cooper Jackson

Cooper Jackson has packed his bags and his favorite brush and bone and headed off to his forever home! We are so happy he has been adopted and will be so happy in his new home!!  He is posing with his new mom and sister!

Please welcome to Cooper Jackson to our Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue family! He writes: The only thing I arrived at the shelter with was my name: Cooper. Once upon a time, I was Super Cooper, the perfect little fella that everyone wanted to hold. Then as time went on, I just became Cooper, and in the end, I just became, “That Dog.” In my mind, I was still Super Cooper, the one that my family loved and adored.

But, sometimes things change and what was supposed to be forever, is not. And I was taken to the shelter. But no worries! My friends at the shelter got me all cleaned up, did some medical procedures, and then they called Lone Star Bulldog Club Rescue! Oh, happy day for me! When I saw the shelter lady walking down the hall, I swear I had springs on my back feet. I was jumping, jumping, jumping…. just in case she didn’t see me. But, she did see me, and of all the dogs in the shelter, she chose me, Super Cooper. In 5 minutes, I was out of there… see ya later, alligator… adios… hasta la vista, baby…. bon voyage…. It was nice there, but I’m never going back! I am 5 years old, current on vaccinations now, just got neutered, and finally have some medication for my dry eyes. So, if you need a Super Cooper in your life, wait no more. This Super Cooper Jackson is available for the job!

3/3/18 Update:  He is such a sweet boy. He loves his new dog bed and bones. He does very well with his foster brother and sister! His wounds and eyes look like they are healing up well. He definitely has wounds at all pressure points, so the poor guy obviously did not have the best life before now. He loves to take walks and is an expert on a leash! He is off and on with liking his crate and he likes to be rubbed to fall asleep. He just needs some love and he is certainly easy to love. We love having him and being a part of this group!

3/11/18 Update:  I have now been in my foster home for almost 10 days. Life sure is much better! My eyes are looking better each day and I am finally getting some hair growth back on my bottom and on my pressure spots. I have learned to love my crate because there is a nice pad in there and some soft blankets! I do love my foster brother and sister, but sometimes it is nice to sneak in there for some me time. Some of my favorite things include: laying in the sun (both inside or outside), chasing balls/playing with toys and bones, WALKS, food, baths, and most of all, belly rubs (especially when they use my special dog brush)! I sometimes get easily startled and like to be gently soothed when being woken up. It is also my pet peeve when people nudge me to go a certain way. Other than that, I am sweet as pie! I do love it here but I am ready for my FUREVER home.

3/21/18 Update:  Cooper Jackson here just wanting to wish everybody a happy hump day! Nothing like getting a bath and drying off pool side on a nice 70 degree weather day!